Monday, January 9, 2017


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2017"


Cruz: This is you.  After eating popsicles in the bathtub, you came up with the idea to turn your popsicle sticks into puppets.  And not just any puppets, but the entire cast and setting of The Gingerbread Man.  I love when your wheels get a turning and I see you walk back and forth from the table to the junk drawer for glue, pieces of scotch tape, and pencils.  

Mila: This is you.  You threw us for a loop Friday night when you got unexpectedly sick shortly after we got home from school.  We were supposed to have your birthday party yesterday, but decided to postpone to next week.  Thankfully, you bounced back by Saturday morning and were back to your spirited and spunky self.  This is it, baby girl.  Just a few days 'til 3.  Tonight at dinner you asked if you were going to be six, or "all these", holding up all five fingers on one hand.  I get it; i's pretty hard to hold up just three of them. :)

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