Friday, January 20, 2017

Mila Ballerina's Pink Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mila with our family and a few of Mila's favorite things - twirly skirts, plenty of sweets, and even more pink.  Her simple decorations made quite the statement against my neutrals, and I laughed to myself Saturday as our house slowly transformed to represent the little girl who lives in it.  It was quite the difference from Cruz Man's pirate party on his 3rd birthday!

My parties have gotten simpler over the years, but have no shortage of sweet details that are fitting for everything we love about the one we're celebrating.  Decorations this year included pink tulle I had kept from our wedding (!), a pretty banner I purchased on etsy, a giant gold '3' balloon, and simple bouquets of pink roses I arranged in gold and pink spray painted mason jars.  Pictures of Mila in her ballerina leotards made for sweet centerpieces and banners strung on our hutch, and Mila's ballerina bunnies and sweet little slippers were displayed on the mantle. 

My favorite thing this year may have been the games.  Cruz has asked for "pin the tail on the donkey" for every birthday party since he turned 5, so I threw my own spin on the game and created a "pin the tutu on Mila."  For just over $10, I blew up a poster print of Mila in a leotard, then traced around her skirt and made two pink skirts out of construction paper.  Simple to do and the kids got a kick out of it.

I also found these cute picture Bingo cards on Etsy and filled bowls with Valentine's M&M candies.  What I loved about this simple game is that every one could play it from the same room in the house.  January parties are hard because we can't go outside, so I have to be a little creative about finding ways to involve everyone in easy ways.  Even Papa Ray played!

Food was fun for this party, too.  Mila has a big sweet tooth, so we made sure to have lots of sweets to fill her party table.  From her sweet double layer rosette cake, to these marshmallow dipped party tutu treats, everything fit my vision to a tee.  And kudos to Scratch for their amazing ballet slipper art on a few chocolate cupcakes, along with Cindy Johnson's intricate dress design sugar cookies.  Every cookie was different and they were almost too pretty to eat!

I also served croissants with a variety of meats, cheeses, and toppings, pasta salad, this pretty angel fluff salad, and white chocolate puff cornAnd we served strawberry lemonade, strawberry pop, and strawberry milk to drink. :)

It was a sweet afternoon of celebrating our spicy and sassy ballerina.  More to come!


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