Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mila's Ballerina Party...Take 2!

More candids from Mila's Ballerina party.  She was a picture of femininity in her pale pink leotard; that is, until she sat with her legs apart and showed off the giant rip in her brand new gray tights!  That is our girl.  She was gifted some wonderful gifts this year, but seemed most excited about opening up the cards.  She squealed this high pitched scream with every envelope opened, and her eyes lit up when she saw Ana and Elsa on a few of them!  She loved her princess tent from Jordan and Kelli, her dancing robot from Grandma Mary and Papa Ray, her Belle doll from Great Grandma and Papa, her personalized pillowcase from Uncle Taylor and Katie, and her Jenny Lind baby bed from Grandma Kelly and Papa Curt.  It's a mini version of her bed and my heart just can't get enough of it!

It was a fun, fun afternoon celebrating our sweet girl.  But Sunday night, as the last of the decorations were put away, I sank into the couch with a plate of leftovers and told Beau I felt like a new woman!  With Cruz's birthday in October, followed by all things holidays, and capped off with Mila's birthday in January, we go from one thing to another.  With presents purchased, all the additional spending done, and memories of another party packed away, I am looking forward to all things spring and summer.  Adventures await!

These are more like it... :)


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