Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas Day

Cruz was the first to wake up Christmas morning, arriving in our room at 6:30 and whispering that Santa came!  He snuggled in bed with us for awhile until we let him play Wii to distract him while we waited for Mila.  And a little after 7, with the tea kettle on and the coffee brewing, our Christmas morning started...

I appreciate our open space on Christmas morning so much.  We move the loveseat and ottoman out of the way and each take a corner of the big rug.  And one by one, in front of a warm fire with warm cups to drink, we take turns opening our gifts.  With nowhere to be until Christmas night, we took our time, let the kids linger with each gift a little longer, had a halftime breakfast, and finally opened the last gift around 10:00!

Cruz loved his gifts, as expected, and expressed gratitude and joy with each one.  He loved his "Made By Dad" book from Beau, filled with lots of crazy blueprints of projects they can construct together, loved his puzzle of the United States, and of course, loved his new Lego set.  But his favorite gift was probably his new Nerf Laser Tag set.  We were all quite impressed with its accuracy and special effects and took turns running around the house and practicing our aim

Mila was at such a fun age this year, able to be independent and open up all her gifts on her own, and showing that innocent and genuine joy with each gift unwrapped.  She gasped and oohed and aahed and squealed all morning long.  From her new electronic toothbrush, to her Disney Princess cupcake game that I swear was made just with her in mind, and of course, her long awaited Belle dress, Mila was a happy camper all morning long.

As close as we got to a new pet this year!  The kids loved their Life of Pet's box and fought over their walking Max dog!  

Beau and I were good to each other, too.  It was an easy year to buy for Beau with the Cubs winning the World Series, and I loved picking out a World Series ornament for our tree, a new sweatshirt, and a framed copy of the front page of the Chicago Tribune for him.  He spoiled me, too, with a set of Rifle notebooks, several books on my reading list for the year, a loose leaf tea set, and a clock from Fig and Frolic.  We always tell each other we don't need anything, but it's always so fun to give to and receive from the man I love the best. 

Our Christmas breakfast included a few of our favorite staples - egg bake, fruit, and mimosas, and this year we were extra blessed with a little touch of Pella.  The bonket wreath was so pretty and festive, and absolutely delicious, and we enjoyed rich cups of the Sanctuary's Christmas blend coffee along with it.

The rest of the day was what you'd expect.  Garbage bags full of wrapping, piles of new toys yet to find a home, pajamas all day, and cocoa and cookies for lunch.  

We ended our Christmas holiday with celebrations with Beau's family and mine the next two nights.  The kids loved their cousin time and it was a blessing we were all able to be together after a month of snow and sick.  

The annual Henrichs/Jorgensen matching pajama picture!

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