Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Memories / Part 2

We had a clean slate Saturday and had no plans other than to be with Cruz and Mila.  Our morning started with coffee and pancakes, but not just any pancakes.  Bunny pancakes that looked a lot more like overgrown rabbit pancakes.  Which paired quite well with Mila's snowman pajamas.  In April.

Some Texas pecan coffee and Sally Lloyd Jones' children's Bible made up for the Pinterest-failed pancakes.  

And as if my bunny pancakes weren't enough of a fail, we had an egg dyeing fail of epic proportions Saturday morning.  Look, we've water colored eggs.  Done food color and kool-aid eggs.  Even done the all-natural egg dye with beets and cabbage and such.  All quite successful.  This year, Pinterest raved about shaving cream dyed Easter eggs.  Never again will shaving cream and Easter eggs be used in the same sentence on this blog.  Mark my words!  Several failed attempts to keep latex gloves on our hands while smothering eggs with food colored shaving cream later, Mila's hands looked as if she was wearing red gloves.  I won't even tell you how I got the food coloring off her skin.  As for the eggs, well, they didn't even deserve a photo this year.  Maybe next year I'll buy the box dye from Target. ;)        

Done with pancake and shaving cream messes, we had a quick lunch and headed west to Arnka Farms for their annual spring open house.  We discovered this sweet little place two years ago when Mila was just a year old.  Few things say springtime like a sunny afternoon, fresh air, and lots of adorable baby animals. 

We were surprised at how busy this event had become since the first year we discovered it when we were one of just a few families there.  Fortunately, there were enough baby chicks, plastic eggs, and chocolate chip cookies to go around, and everyone seemed to be in the spring spirit.  Especially the hungry goats and the endless supply of solo cups of feed.  

Our two city kids impressed Beau and I with their liking to the animals.  The goats were much more leery of Mila, especially when she screamed in delight every time they got a little too close.  

Mommy wanted to bring home a goat.  If we didn't live in a neighborhood that forbid it, I would have brought one home in a heartbeat.    

Mila wanted to hold a baby chick so bad, but did not want to have a our-pets-heads-are-falling-off moment.  She named this one "Amazing Sparkles."  I could have brought her home, too.  

This chick fell asleep in the palm of Cruz's hand.  He looks pretty stiff, but I assured him he has the touch!  

After yet another Easter egg hunt, this one including Mila scoring one of the big plastic eggs and Cruz colliding with another little boy in the big kid hunt, we headed home for a relaxing afternoon.  I rocked with Mila on the front porch, made sidewalk chalk rainbows, and watched an aggressive soccer ball match while a storm brewed off in the distance.  

One of my favorite parts of day came just as the rain started and we found shelter under our big covered deck.  I had prepared one of our favorite Easter traditions of an egg carton dinner for the kids and sat and enjoyed a glass of pinot grigio while the rain fell around us.  On our favorite patchwork quilt, we drank in the smells, sounds, and colors of springtime, bodies tired and refreshed at the same time.   

After dinner, it was time to wind down before an early morning Easter morning.  The kids took bubble baths, Beau and Cruz played a little Wii, and Mila and I had a little dance party in the living room with a new bunny friend and a new pair of pjs.   

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