Sunday, February 21, 2010

A 3-Peat!

"I'm just a simple man. I've got a chili pot and a dream."
-My husband

Well...he did it again. My husband, in this post I will refer to him as, Con Quistador de Chili Con Carne, stole the show at the 8th Annual Toad's Chili Cook-ON. His hot and tasty chili, better known as 'The Farter Starter,' took the People's Choice Award for the 3rd year in a row! In addition to the People's Champion, Con Quistador also took the award for Best Presentation, as well as First Pot Gone. Out of 25 chilis, Beau's chili remained supreme. His picture stays on the Toad's plaque for yet another year and his confidence is ever-so-heightened.
So...if you see Con Quistador in the next few days, weeks, or months (this is quite the celebratory process), wish him a fine culinary congratulations. He might even show you his winning apron :).

His chili is quite good. And for some of us, thankfully, it has yet to live up to its name!
Kelli even made it out to support Beau's chili. The chili is maybe just what she needed to perk that little baby up and out into this world!
Thanks to Chas and Bridgette's son, Jack, Beau was able to adorn his chili pot with an authentic WWF belt.

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