Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stealing our hearts already...

Everyone told me that being an aunt is pretty amazing. I've always loved babies, but holding Charly Grace for the first time took on a whole new meaning.

She was born late Wednesday night, February 24, at 10:54 pm. This wait made for an interesting night for the anxious family in the waiting room at Covenant Medical Center. A night of prediction, anticipation, and excitement, Forrest Gump, peanuts in 7up, downloading ringtones on our cell phones, and Grandpa longing to take a nap on the overstuffed leather couch in the lactation room. Every now and then, in between Carol's, 'Fat Bottom Girl' ringtone attempt, or Beau's, 'The Good, the Bad, the Ugly,' imitation, Jordan would glide through the double doors of the hospital and fill us in on the news.

"They think it's going to be closer to midnight."
"Kelli has crazy pregnancy strength."
"We're getting closer."

Then, an hour before midnight, Jordan and Kelli welcomed a new baby girl to the world. Weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz., Charly Grace was here. We gave them some time to process the newness of their world before crowding in their room to take a peek. As tears filled the grandmas' eyes, and yelps of joy for a baby girl filled the room, Charly laid still in Jordan's arms, a wide-eyed look of peace and almost boredom covering her sweet little face. It was a moment none of us will ever forget.
The waiting room...need I say anymore???

One proud daddy...

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