Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just another snow day...


Receiving this text message is possibly one of the best ways to wake up on a cold, blustery, winter morning. My bed feels a little warmer after this text. My pillow a little softer. It's the word 'relief' in a very big way.

Although we are now rearranging our schedule at school to account for the many snow days we've had, I'll graciously accept a snow day anytime. It's an opportunity to relax and put some much needed check-marks on my to-do list.

Today, my snow day went a little like this...

wake up. stayed in pajamas. powdered donuts. chocolate milk. saved by the bell. today show. online shopping. talked to mom on the phone. cleaned living room. lit candles. cleaned coat closet. sorted kitchen cabinets. bubble bath. graded papers. food network. facebook. shopping on main street. made monster cookies. crock pot french dip. blogging. american idol. played with camera. hung out with beau.



  1. The only time I EVER envy teachers are snow days. Congrats!

  2. Is our mini black burnt pizza frisbee buried in that snow?



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