Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear John

I love going to movies in the theater. The excitement of the big screen, the coziness of the dark surroundings and intimate seating, and of course, the taste of buttery popcorn and crisp Cherry Coke, all work together to create a place of comfort for me. We don't go to movies too often; however, it's always an event I look forward to.

I remember my first theater experience, popcorn clutched tightly in my sweaty hand, crying uncontrollably when Petrie falls off the cliff in 'The Land Before Time.' I remember the crazy, edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride that 'The Departed' created, a three hour movie that seemed to last no longer than an hour. I remember being scared to go to the bathroom during 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose,' or 'Saw,' on Halloween night. And of course, I remember the gorgeous faces of Heath Ledger and Leo, blown across the big screen during 'A Knight's Tale,' and, 'Titanic.' I saw Titanic six times in the theater, thus beginning a deep love affair with Leonardo Dicaprio.

I especially love going to warm, cozy theaters in the dead of winter.

That is, unless you have to wait outside in the dead of winter for tickets to the warm, cozy theater.

This almost became part of our night on Friday when Melanie, Drea, and I decided to see 'Dear John.' The show started at 7:15, so we decided to stop by to get our tickets before dinner. At 6:00, we thought we would have plenty of time; however, the ticket lady politely recommended we get there early so we'd be able to sit by each other. So...we decided to skip dinner and walk through the mall instead. We didn't need anything, but browsed the summer shoes at Von Mauer, tried on jewelry at Younkers, and talked together. When we got back to the theater more than a half hour before showtime, the line was clear out the door of the theater!

I've never seen so many women in one place in my life! Luckily, we were the last group able to wait inside the theater. The line stretched beyond the width of the place, both inside and out by the time they let us run to our seats.

The movie was good. Channing Tatum is a beautiful man and Nicholas Sparks did not disappoint with the love story aspect of the film. The acting wasn't phenomenal, the story was predictable, but there was beautiful scenery (in addition to Channing Tatum), a lot of steamy kissing, and of course, lots of crying. Imagine a sold-out theater, full of women, all crying, some literally sobbing. Titanic all over again.

The last five minutes of the movie were the most disappointing. It was one of those movies that ended too quickly. When we left, the line for the 9:30 show was even longer!

Afterwards, we shared our reviews over yummy Old Chicago. It was a fun night with the girls indeed.

Together, we will wait until May to get 'Carrie'd Away for Sex and the City II. We'll have to get dolled up for that one though!

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  1. I am beyond excited for SATC!!!! Do you remember Bring It On??

    Did you read Dear John first?



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