Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Cruz...

Dear Cruz,

I hope I always remember you at this stage. Four months old. Since you were born, I’ve been amazed at how much you’ve changed; however, the last few weeks have been especially astonishing to me. It seems that every day, you see and understand more of the world around you. It’s as if you know you are part of our family, a perfect piece of the puzzle. I love the little person you are and look forward to every smile, every morning, and every new experience with you.

You are such a happy baby. You love to smile, and show us your wide-mouthed grin all the time. Sometimes, your dad and I will crowd over you, laughing at your latest or attempting to make you giggle, and you’ll look back and forth at us, smiling as if you’re playing along. You love bath time and play time, car rides and tours of the house. Last night, you laid in front of the glass door and watched me take down Christmas lights. You are very easy going, and it seems the busier the environment is, the more you seem to enjoy yourself. 

You definitely know what you want, and aren’t afraid to express that in more than one way! The other day at day care, Kari, the director of the center, who probably had a million things to do, decided you needed a change of ‘pace,’ and gave you a tour of the facilities. You apparently hung out with her in the main office and were as happy as can be. I think you have the girls at BB wrapped around your finger….before we leave in the afternoon, you always flash them one of your flirtatious little smiles. Our transition to day care has really went better than expected. We are blessed with a wonderful day care, and my best part of each day is picking you up.

I love nights like tonight. No plans, a Ray Charles playlist on Pandora, and just the three of us. These are the nights I dreamed about when I was pregnant with you. I love how proud you look when Daddy is holding you above his head, or the smile on your face when it looks like you’re trying to impress me. I love how excited you get when you eat your cereal, and how funny your mouth looks as you try to figure out this spoon situation. I love when you are fed and content, and will lay in our arms and talk and talk. I love the smile on your face when we play peekaboo, the way your arms move up and down when you are excited, and the way you nestle into our chests when you get tired. 

Thank you for completing our little puzzle and lighting up our lives.



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