Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Love Month

Call it a Hallmark holiday, but I LOVE Valentine's Day.  Heck, I might as well put a giant heart over the entire month of February.  We ate too much during 'Turkey' month, soaked in the magic of Christmas month, and made it through the long, bitterly cold, January month.  February is all about celebrating love, and this year, well, I'm exploding and melting in it.  

There's something about Valentine's Day that brings back sweet little memories for me.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table with Mom, transforming shoe boxes into little mailboxes that would hold treasured Valentine's cards from my classmates.  I remember Mom always setting the table nice for our annual Valentine's Day dinner, with red napkins, a vase of red carnations, and little presents on our plates.  I remember hearing a knock on the door one Valentine's afternoon, my 5th grade love, Dana, standing at the door with a smile and a single red rose.  And I remember spending hours getting ready for the high school Valentine's Day dance, a gold necklace, and a kiss goodnight in the driveway of my parents' house. 

There's something about this month that makes me smile a little bit bigger, and love a little bit deeper.   That makes me want to bravely try that tube of bright red lipstick I just can't pull off, cut out a million construction paper hearts, or eat conversation hearts until my stomach hurts.  And there's something about this month that makes me want to soak my baby's cheek in wet kisses and write love notes to my hubby on the bathroom mirror.

Cruz is feeling much better and after two welcomed snow days last week, I am finally feeling back to my old self again.  At almost four months old, I'm pretty sure Cruz is in one of my favorite baby stages yet.  It seems he has learned so much this month, and we're starting to see the makings of a personality.  The best part of four months, though, is the smile.  Life is complete when I'm staring into his face, and I'm quite certain there's no greater accomplishment than making him smile.  My favorite is after I pick him up from day care, pile him in the car next to my school bag, lunch cooler, laptop, and diaper bag, and close the door for our short trek home.  I pull in the garage, lug my bags one by one onto my shoulders, and open Cruz's door.  But before pulling him out of his car seat, he almost always flashes me this little smile, one that has the power to move mountains and forget to-do lists.  A smile that says, 'We're home, Mommy.'

We're home. 

Good stuff to come this week!  I've been making up for my lack of pictures last week, and had some fun in the kitchen yesterday.  I'm usually not much for baking (aka, cake balls), however, yesterday, I was Martha Stewart reincarnate.  

Happy love month!  

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