Thursday, February 7, 2013

14 Days of DIY Love: The Chalkboard Frame

I've loved chalkboard paint for quite some time, and have found it necessary to have a quart or so on hand at all times in case I have the itch to add another blank canvas to our life.  I've painted entire walls and herb plants for our deck, and most recently made a couple fun framed boards for magnets and doodles.  And now that chalkboard paint comes in spray form, you can whip one of these up in a matter of minutes.

DIY Magnet/Chalk Board:


-frames - I found both of my frames at Hobby Lobby, and waited until the 50% off sale to get them half off.  One was open back, so I bought a piece of foam board to go behind it, and the other came with backing 
-spray paint for frames
-a piece of tin (if you want a magnet board) cut to be the same size as the glass.  My dad took care of this for me at his shop, but I know sheet metal can be purchased at a home improvement store (and likely cut there, too).  If you don't want a magnet board, paint the glass instead.
-chalkboard spray paint or brush paint, whichever you desire
-frame backing and hangers  (if you purchase an open back frame and plan to hang it on the wall) 

I spray painted my frames, then spray painted my tin with chalkboard paint.  Let dry for 24 hours before assembling.  We hung Cruz's chalkboard frame in his room at his level, and filled a plastic bin with letter magnets from Wal-Mart and these foam object magnets from Amazon that I just couldn't resist.


My little chalkboard frame makes a super fun photo prop for photo shoots like this one, or this one, and is small enough to fit on a lap for easy and accessible doodling.  The small ones would also add great contrast to a photo collage on the wall.  You could add daily quotes, reminders, or messages for your loves.

By the way, did anyone else see these adorable chalkboard chocolates at Target?!  I wish I would have bought two!


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