Tuesday, February 12, 2013

14 Days of DIY LOVE: Rice Krispie Hearts

It's a good day when you have all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies or Rice Krispie treats in your pantry.  This is a goal I would like to shoot for at all times.  Both sweet treats are easy to whip up, and do wonders when it comes to curing that sweet tooth that always seems to pop up when all I can scrounge up are a few forgotten chocolate kisses in the bottom of the pantry, or a spoonful of nutella on a soda cracker. 

I had a about a half hour to kill in between church and house hunting on Sunday, and decided to brighten up our kitchen (where are you, sun?) with some baking with Cruz.  We've never made Rice Krispie treats together, and as much as he likes to help in the kitchen these days, this was the perfect snack for him to get his hands in.  He helped pour the six cups of krispies into my bowl, my 5 1/2 cups of marshmallows into my other bowl, and pushed start on the microwave for me while we watched our marshmallows melt.  He got a little carried away with his stirring, but the krispies were easy to sweep up, and proved to be a valuable distraction while I mixed my gooey goodness.

In honor of love day, I put a couple drops of red food coloring into my melted marshmallows before mixing in the krispies.  Then, instead of pressing them into a pan, I covered one of my heart cookie cutters with cooking spray and filled the mold with rice krispies.  This worked surprisingly well as long as I kept the cooking spray handy, and got about 10 hearts out of one batch.  

I have a feeling I may have gotten more had my little helper not been so hungry.

Don't worry, the krispie treats stayed at home with us and were gone in about five hours.

Just a couple more days of my Valentine's Day link-up!  Have a fun Valentine card, sweet, or craft idea?  I would love for you to link it up here!

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Save me some gumbo, New Orleans!


  1. These were so good Ash! I could use one of those this afternoon!! Thinking of you!! Love you...Mom

  2. What a beautiful child! And what a big helper for Mom--perhaps a future chef?

    The heart rice krispie cookies are a great take on an old favorite.




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