Friday, February 21, 2014

A Newborn Mila Photo Shoot

I took these pictures on a Saturday afternoon when Mila was almost two weeks old.  I nursed her, got her good and sleepy, and put her in our well-lit bedroom with the space heater on.  It was warm and toasty in there and Mila turned into a zombie baby!  For two hours, I played with her like she was my doll.  I'm used to chasing toddlers down for a good picture and it was so fun to have a subject that hardly moved!  I just love how they turned out and Mila has since found her favorite spot to nap!  What is it about kids and their parents' beds?

Happy Friday!


  1. These are beautiful. I have thought before that she looks so much like Cruz but that pic with the faint little smile is so Cruz to me. How adorable!

  2. Gorgeous!! I cannot believe how much she looks like her brother -- a tiny, more feminine version of Cruz :)

  3. I think these are my favorite pictures of Mila so far.:) She's so sweet & so tiny! Good job, Ash!

  4. Beautiful photos! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!



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