Sunday, February 16, 2014

Four Years of Cruz Valentine's

Four years of Valentine's from Cruz Man...

Year One // "Crush On This, Valentine."  We gave these to Cruz's 'teachers' at daycare.  He had only been at daycare for a month or so and those sweet girls became pretty important to us.   

Year Two // "You Make Valentine's Day S'more Fun."  Because who can resist those pink heart marshmallows on the shelves every year.  

Year Three // "You Color My World, Valentine."  Probably one of my favorite DIYs ever.  They're like snowflakes - every single one looks a little bit different.     

And this year...

Cruz's has obtained quite the collection of Hot Wheels as of late and with a small class at daycare this year, I thought this was a perfect way for Cruz to 'share' one of his favorite things with his friends.  He had fun filling the cellophane bags with a few candy hearts and picking out the perfect race car for each of his friends.  I love how they turned out and just know he's going to have so much fun giving them to his classmates tomorrow. 

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