Monday, February 24, 2014

our weekend // a day in photos

7:00 // Saturday morning snuggles (and we're still getting good use out of the Christmas pjs) 

8:00 // He's been drinking the milk from his bowl since he could hold it

9:00 // Watching some Olympics with Daddy

9:30 // She loves chillin on her changing table

10:00 // Kindergym. Our new favorite way to spend Saturday mornings. 

11:00 // And brunch follows. 

12:00 // Family nursing sessions in our bed makes for distracted eating.    

12:30 // A girl and her daddy

1:00 // My Valentine's present.  Music just sounds better on a turntable.

2:00 // Afternoon sun gives us hope that spring is on its way.


3:00 // Somebody recently discovered her hand and she's pretty mesmerized by the fact that it's attached.

4:00 // My babes.  

6:00 // Visits from Papa and Grandma, chili on the stovetop, and a newfound interest in funny glasses.  

8:00 // Bedtime stories with Papa are funny. 

9:00 // Goodnight, little sprite. 

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love cozy Saturdays like this! Praying that my little man will someday have a baby sister to adore as Cruz adores Mila! You can just see the love in his little face. Perfect! Blessings on you four.



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