Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mila // Month 1

Mila, you are one month old today.  Seems hard to believe we've had your tiny little self here to snuggle with for a month.  You are already growing and already changing so much, making this mom's heart hurt as I'm reminded how fast this truly goes. It's all so bittersweet as I know how much there is to look forward to, yet at the same time I just yearn to keep you little.  It seems those first few weeks when you are so itty bitty go the fastest - I suppose because everything is so new and so fragile.  If there is one thing I could bottle up, one moment I could store away in a drawer and revisit anytime I would like, I believe it might be right now.  To remember how little you are, how perfectly your body curls up on my chest, how sweetly you sing after you are full and sleepy, or the sweet way your eyes concentrate on my face as I put you to sleep.

You know those moments you get when it seems as if you step out of your body for a second, look at your life, and it feels as if you're playing pretend?  One moment you're going through the motions and all of a sudden, you get this flooding rush of emotions as you truly realize the picture you are living.  Last night, Beau and I were getting ready for bed and I walked by Mila's room and caught a glimpse of her bundled up in her sleep sack, sleeping soundly in her crib.  I crawled in bed and it hit me - this tiny, helpless little being, now here just sleeping away in our house as if she was always meant to be.  The miracle that it all is, now here, naturally figuring out this world and fast asleep in her crib.  It's incredible, all of it, and I'm thankful for those moments when I stop and pause at the magnitude of it all.

A few things to remember about you at one month...

 // If we had to guess, we'd say you are a little over 7 pounds right now.  You are so petite, with long legs and a long torso, and you are still wearing your newborn and 'up to 7' clothes.  I put you in a 0-3 month onesie yesterday and it was HUGE!  I thought I was being proactive buying lots of cute summer clothes on clearance last year, but am now wondering if you may be a little behind on sizes!

// I call you my 'three-hour queen' as your tummy seems to run like clockwork.  A few times, you've surprised us with a four or even six hour stint at night, but the majority of the time you are ready to nurse at three hours on the dot.  You are a good little eater and an even better burper!  And you're still pooping after about every feeding - costing us lots of money (in diapers) already. :)

// You are an aggressive little eater and it's kind of like you're going to war every time you eat.  You go with both hands up, usually planted on each side of my boob and one would think you were starved by the way you gulp.  You are noisy and your sound effects are hilarious.

// You are a good good baby who likes your sleep, likes to be awake getting to know your brother, and likes to snuggle with whomever is in line to hold you.  You are sleeping in your crib at night, and like to sleep in your Moses basket, on our bed, and of course, in our arms during the day.  I swear you'd sleep all night long if I let you in our bed all the time!   

// You like to be snuggly warm.  Your favorite place to be in the afternoons is in our bedroom with the space heater plugged in and the more blankets, the better.  Good thing we have a few of them. ;)

// You already seem to be falling into a schedule and are wide awake and alert for a couple hours in the morning and around suppertime.  You love to be talked to and your eyes seem to process everything.  It looks like you are always thinking about something - or at least trying to figure out who these strange people are!

// You are such an expressive sleeper.  You seem to dream in your sleep a lot and you have the cutest expressions.  They must be good dreams, too, because you smile in your sleep all the time.  Now I can't wait for the real thing! 

// You aren't a huge fan of your paci and you have been yanking it out of your mouth since you were two days old.  At first we thought it was a fluke, but you sure seem to know how to get that thing out!  And if we try and give it to you when you're hungry, watch out!

// Speaking of hungry, when you are ready to eat you sure let us know it.  My mom said my dad bought their first microwave when I was just days old because I would cry hysterically if my bottle wasn't ready when I was hungry.  I'm starting to think the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with that one. :)

// After screaming through the first three or so, you are now a fan of your baths.  I love watching your face during them - this stern, serious look on your face as if trying to figure out what is going on.  You like it, but you don't really want us to know it!

// You have some great features and you already know how to work 'em.  You pierce your little lips together into the perfect pucker and stare longingly into our eyes with your pretty baby blues.  My guess is they will eventually turn brown, but maybe you'll surprise me.   

// You had your first bottle of breast milk over the weekend and took 3 oz. down like a champ.  I think Daddy liked having the chance to feed you, too.  Then last night, Mommy had a girl's night and you refused to take your bottle for daddy - I think you missed me, though. :)   

// You like your mommy and we seem to have a mutual understanding with one another.  We really are the best of friends. 

Some of my favorite pictures and milestones from month one!  And Cruz's month one post, too, because it's sure fun to compare!


One of the boys in our house likes to mess with Mila from time to time.  And while he was doing it, the other boy was sleeping. :)

Big flakes on a Saturday morning.  Her big pink snowsuit was staring me in the face and I couldn't resist.  After all, what if it's our last snow before spring?!

Showing off those long fingers!  They are incredible!

She's even cute when she cries.  

Happy One Month Birthday, Mila Carys.  We love you! 


  1. She is darling! Happy one month birthday, Mila!

  2. She is just beautiful! I think it's ok for Grandma to say that!! :) Happy One Month Birthday, Mila! Papa & Grandma love you!



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