Thursday, April 10, 2014

Midweek Musings...

Thinking back to // a weekend with our friends, Kyle, Jen, and their little boy, Landon.  Kyle and Jen made the trip from the Twin Cities this past weekend and we had a sleepover.  We ate lunch at Pablos and showed off all the cute shops on the parkade.  Kyle and Beau took Mila to SingleSpeed, her first brewery experience (Beau said she was a lightweight, one bottle in and already passed out), and Jen and I took the boys to Peekaboo, to the popcorn store, and to Scratch for a cupcake.  We sat outside in the sun for the first time all season and I think Cruz and Landon played with every toy we own.  It was great to see them and watch our little people play together and Mila was angel, sleeping all afternoon and going from 9:30-7 that night. 


Looking ahead to // the end of the semester and spring.  It's been a slow start to this new season and my desire to spring clean, pack away winter clothes, and spend time with my family outside has been neglected at times due to busy work schedules, day-to-day upkeep, and other obligations.  Such is life, I'm finding, and the deeper the piles get, the more I seem to appreciate the little things.  A found pair of favorite sunglasses I thought I had lost.  Windows open while I rock Mila to sleep.  My first iced coffee of the season.  An afternoon of pretend at the playground while Mila slept in her stroller.  Sidewalk chalk on the driveway.  These little blessings are so important - they are my fuel that will get me to summertime.    

Watching // A new season of Game of Thrones started Sunday night and I am still reeling from the end of last season.  I'm also loving this season of Dancing with the Stars and am pulling for Max and Meryl Davis.  Mila loves Dancing, too, and I have memories of watching Baby and her strappy heels on Dirty Dancing and practicing her dance moves in the basement.  I have dreams of living vicariously through my daughter in ballet class! 
Eating // still attempting to overhaul our pantry and try a healthier lifestyle when it comes to what we eat.  I've been making lots of green smoothies, am on my third batch of clean banana cookies, and Beau and I are having fun being creative and using up leftover produce at the end of each week with stir-fry and quinoa concoctions.  Now that we have a baby who isn't too keen on her carseat, we've realized just how much we were eating out for awhile and how good it feels to save it for special treats and spend more time in our kitchen.  We both love to cook and are discovering that great dishes don't need a lot of butter, cream, or cheese to make them taste great.  

Loving // my sweet family.  There have been many experiences lately that have really made me stop and realize how special this time is.  Our babies are still little, still very unaware of the fast-paced world that exists beyond their safety net.  The other night, I watched from the doorway as Beau read books to Cruz in his bed, only this time, a little Mila girl tucked right beside him.  Her eyes lit up and she felt so important laying next to her big brother listening to bedtime stories.  This is a snapshot that I know I will look back on and miss.  Those days when we were all they needed. 

Feeling // excited for lots of firsts for our baby girl.  Her first Easter and her baptism are right around the corner and I'm looking forward to lots of pastels, sunhats, and eyelet dresses in our future.

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