Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your Half Birthday...


This past weekend, you and your little sis hit some big milestones.  Mila turned three months on Saturday and you my boy had your half birthday.  We are just in love with the stage you are at right now and I thought I would try and capture a bit of you are at 3.5...

// to my handsome boy with big brown eyes that say so much, a boy who loves superheroes and memorizes an entire book about villains.  A book with words like magnetism, headquarters, and dangerous, you know the entire thing by heart but get a little shy when I ask you to read it to me.

// to the best big brother to your baby sister.  You call her "Me-wa" and repeat everything we say to her.  This morning, you climbed in her crib and requested to read her books that you knew the words to.  You read her "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Red Hat, Green Hat" from her crib while Mila kicked her feet and grinned at you. 

// to my sensitive one, a boy who still likes to snuggle and will say things like, "Mommy, I need a hug from you before I get dressed."  To my boy, who was so concerned for your daddy after watching him workout one night, asking to shut the program off after thinking the sweat on his face was tears.  You kept trying to convince yourself he was okay, saying "his tears will dry up soon, Mommy" over and over again and then, crying big tears yourself out of concern for your daddy.  We laughed at your innocence and our hearts hurt for how concerned you were.  And if it's any consolation, your daddy does look like he might die when he works out. :)

// to my creative, imaginative, laid back one, who drinks every last drop of the milk in your cereal bowl, who could play in the bathtub for hours, and who can hold a tune better than any three year old I know.  A boy who loves his Grandmas and Papas, loves his friend, Liam, and loves Flash, because "he's super fast."  A boy who has lots of friends at daycare, friends who form an assembly line of hugs when we drop you off and pick you up each day. 

// to my outdoor lover, who's shown lots of improvement in that baseball swing but still has zero interest in riding a bike, or a trike, or anything on wheels.  We took you to Scheel's the other night to purchase any bike of your choice, but you begged for a plastic water bottle instead.  You've just started your third round of Soccer Shots at school and the other night, I couldn't believe your skills when it comes to soccer ball dribbling.  You love Coach Marty, your very first coach, and sometimes, you like to pretend you are him as you teach me soccer skills in the backyard.   

Cruz, what I'd give to be as cool as you.  You remind me every day to soak up my present and find the funny all around me.  You have this unique gift of finding the joy no matter what you do and your big smile and brown eyes motivate me to do the same.  I praise God for trusting me to be your mommy and thank my lucky stars for this family of ours. 



  1. What a sweet, sweet boy!! He looks pretty handsome in his firefighter costume!



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