Tuesday, April 1, 2014

this weekend, we...

...had coffee in our pajamas at our newest coffee shop in town.  We've been waiting for the right opportunity to check out Sidecar Coffee and a free slate Saturday just seemed right.  We've been steering away from eating out lately as Mila isn't too keen on her carseat and I think that made Saturday morning all the more sweet.  Or maybe it was the cinnamon roll, the peanut butter cookie, or my vanilla chai that did it...

...we let Mila soak in the sun on the wooden bench beside us, passed around our breakfast sandwich and pastries, and got Cruz his very own "warm" chocolate topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.  He felt like a big shot drinking it like a big kid and his behavior matched.  His bedhead and whipped cream mustache told me otherwise. :)

...felt a boost of energy, all thanks to the fresh air and much needed sunshine.  Mila took a nice long mid-morning nap and while Beau and Cruz worked on the yard, I got my groove on in the kitchen.  Another batch of clean banana cookies and my first stab at homemade granola.  Green "Hulk Juice" for lunch followed with superhero literature before nap.

...visited the playground for the first time since last fall.  Cruz ran full speed around the perimeter, repeating the phrase, "this is awesome!"  He and Beau played superheros (go figure), while Wonder Woman and her sidekick watched from the swings.  The swings put Mila girl to sleep and I daydreamed about watching her grow on picnic blankets under oak trees at the park.

...we practiced baseball swings and grilled pork chops, opened windows and cleaned the pantry to make room for summer staples.  We took baths and watched movies before bedtime, sunbathed on the porch and paced around the house waiting for Cruz to wake up from nap, and added lemon slices to our water just because.  And by the time we tucked our kiddies into bed on Sunday night, we felt like spring.  I had nearly forgotten.


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