Sunday, April 20, 2014

thoughts on a rainy afternoon...

Having one of those days where I am in awe at the wonder of God’s creation.  Spring is definitely on its way and the presence of a rainy day seemed to wake up my senses.  I sat and rocked Mila for the longest time, closed my eyes and listened to nothing but the rain on our rooftop and her warm baby breaths on my chest.  It’s those quiet moments when it hits you – that overwhelming feeling of thanks for the life you are blessed to be living, all colliding with the just-as-strong sense of how fleeting it all is.  I stick my face in the crook of her neck, kiss her soft skin, and yearn for a pause button.  How can I remember this feeling?  How can I keep it close to me when the world is rushed and everything changes so fast?  We’ve been talking about superpowers lately and I think mine would be a rewind button – not to relive moments, but to revisit them from time to time and remember these exhaustingly beautiful days of raising my babies.  How soft their skin is, how they fit on my chest, how their eyes look at me as if I’m all they truly need in this big world.  Being their mom is the most important work I will ever do and I don’t want to take a day of it for granted. 


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