Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend started with an ear infection and one sick little boy.  After an hour wait at Urgent Care, another wait for a prescription, and about a half hour where both of my kids were crying uncontrollably, the storm passed revealing a cleared up eardrum and a beautiful morning on Saturday.  I was thankful for healthy kids, sunshine, and the makings of our first picnic of the year.

Our Easter included...

...brunch on a patchwork quilt - blueberry muffins and pasta salad, orange juice and a little champagne for Mom and Dad.  We found a perfect little spot at George Wyth and soaked up some sun with our kids.  Cruz set the 'quilt' for us and made us pray before toasting our glasses to the weekend ahead.  I nursed Mila in the open breeze and let her sleep under the shade of a picnic table, daydreaming of lots of picnics in our future

...a walk, or should I say, exploration at George Wyth State Park.  Cruz stopped at every single stick he found and wanted to throw them in every body of water he saw.  We didn't move very far but we shared lots of laughs watching Cruz soak up his surroundings.  He's going to get so dirty this summer... pink and one blue Easter basket - superhero underwear, books, and bubbles for Cruz and a swimsuit, cell phone, and new set of shades for Mila.  Because our Easter Sunday is always so rushed, I decided to do Easter baskets after nap on Saturday afternoon.  We took our time, read our abundance of new books, and retreated to our backyard for some bubbles and eggs

 Easter egg hunt for Cruz.  He loved the hunt more than the find and has yet to open the eggs!  As soon as he found his allotment, he begged for bubbles and chased them around the backyard, squealing in delight when he caught one.

...margaritas and Mexican food on Easter Eve.  We waited until Mila was sleepy and I kept Cruz entertained with a fun egg-inspired supper while Beau and I went through three baskets of chips and a much needed round (or two) of margs. early morning Sunday and a trip to my parents' church Easter morning.  I will never forget how cute our littles looked all primped for church.  Cruz in his robin egg blue shirt and linen pants, and Mila in her Easter dress that tied in a bow in the back.  I felt like I was a little girl playing house and wanted to freeze time just to stare at them for awhile.  Cruz's eyes looked so brown and Mila was a pro at grabbing handfuls of her dress and shoving them in her mouth.  After about an hour of wear, her sweet dress was a wrinkled mess and she looked happy as a clam as soon as I freed her from the ruffles and let her stretch on a blanket.  No one ever said dressing a lady was practical. :)  

...visits with family at both sets of great-grandparents'.  Coffee with Great Grandma Gail and one delicious lunch at Grandma & Papa Hoodjer's.  Mila slept like an angel baby on my grandparents' bed while we filled our bellies with ham, potato salad, scalloped carrots, jello eggs, and cupcakes. 

...Easter egg hunts on the porch and in the garage while the spring rain poured outside.  Cruz found three eggs and was so proud that he almost forget to hunt for the rest.



...our family, stuffed in my grandparents' living room, sneaking kit-kats from the kids and playing with Mila on the floor.

...a trip home, exhausted but thankful.  Thankful for the chance to make these holidays special for these kids we are so blessed to call our own.  Thankful for traditions, good food, and a family that is close.  And most of all, thankful for a Savior, who loved us enough to go to the cross.  Jesus paid it all, all to whom I owe.


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