Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mila Gets Baptized

This weekend, we celebrated our baby girl in all the best ways.  With good food and a pretty table, our closest family and friends, an heirloom dress and new jewelry, and a promise made before Jesus to raise this little girl in a home that puts her faith in Him.  It was Mila's baptism day, a day for us to celebrate the gift she is to us.  And it was such a good day.  

Memories of your baptism...




Your sweet dress.  You wore the dress I wore when I was baptized nearly thirty years ago.  Your Great Grandma Dolores made it and it is the sweetest thing.  It has eyelet trim on the bottom, a satin ribbon that ties at the waist, and it fit you perfectly.  You wore gray tights underneath and a little white sweater over top to stop you from trying to eat your dress.  I got you the sweetest pearl bracelet with a little silver cross on it and it looked so dainty on your wrist.  I imagined your grandma getting me all ready for my baptism day and I pray you will have the chance to use the dress again for your own babes.


The service.  You fell asleep during the opening songs and stayed asleep for most of the service.  We did see your eyes peek open when Pastor Doug put the first handful of water on your head, but the warm water and his big arms lulled you back to sleep soon after.  I think Doug liked holding you because he kept you as he said the final prayer.  They put your face on the big screen so the congregation could see you.  I held you for the rest of the service and my arm felt like it was going to fall off!  It was worth it, though, as there's nothing more peaceful than snuggling a baby during church.  

Brunch and good good food.  We gathered with family for brunch following the service and everything tasted so good.  We had egg casseroles and three kinds of muffins, bacon and sausage that everyone started sampling far before we were ready to eat, juicy strawberries with a fluffy dip, and lots of sweets - tea cookies, macarons, chocolate dipped oreos, and cake. 


The table.  I love dreaming up party tables and yours was especially special because it was the first girl inspired party I got to put together.  I wanted bright spring colors mixed with soft feminine touches and when I spotted Oh Joy's line for Target, I knew it was perfect for your table.  I made the raindrop background with some simple card stock and white string, and ordered some daisies and hydrangeas to complete the table.  I loved how bright and fresh it all looked and was downright giddy when my macarons matched everything perfectly!



How sweet you were, all day.  You were the sweetest baby all day.  You fell asleep in your swing watching your Uncle Taylor and woke up after everyone but my family had left.  After that, you were all smiles and laid on the new blanket Grandma Kelly got you and played with your dress.  Later, I had just finished feeding you and was holding you in the crook of my arm when I caught you staring at me with this sly, half smile on your face.  And I'm not kidding, you started playing peekaboo with me, digging your face in the crook of my arm, then quickly turning your head and looking at me with the same smile on your face.  You did this over and over again until I finally had your grandma see for proof.  It was adorable and I'm still scratching my head wondering if you knew what you were doing. 


Family time.  My favorite part of the day was maybe later that afternoon.  After we had changed out of our dress clothes and cleaned up the party, we hung out with my family all day long.  We did puzzles with Cruz, laid on the floor with Mila, snacked and played cribbage, and later, fired up the grill for some burgers.  The windows were open, I was feeling more than relaxed with the planning and preparations behind me, and we did nothing all afternoon.  Taylor and Kate read books to Cruz before bed, and we all ended the night huddled in the living room watching Game of Thrones.  


Your gifts.  You were spoiled by your family and received some of the most unique, fitting gifts for your baptism.  I love the light aqua colored owl bank from Jordan, Kelli, Charly, and Hayes and I stop to look at it every time I go into your room.  You got a stuffed bunny that is bigger than you from your Great Grandma and Grandpa and I can't wait to see you crawl on top of it in no time.  And your dream blanket from Grandma Kelly may just be my new favorite blanket - and that's saying something if you know how many blankets already fill your closet!   

It was a good day, Mila Carys, a day I will remember always.  I am so thankful for our village, for family who will always be there for you and for a church that will help us guide you in a way that puts Jesus first.  God gave me a glimpse today of the beautiful young woman you will someday be and I pray you grow up in a way that knows and honors Him always.  You have filled this house and our hearts with a joy I only dreamed out and I am so honored to be your mama. 



  1. Such a beautiful day for a beautiful family!!

  2. She is just perfect in that precious heirloom dress! Blessings to you, Mila! May you learn to love Jesus with your whole heart.



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