Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Summer Bucket List

Oh man are we ready for summer around here.  It's not only going to be my first summer as a mama to two, but it's going to be full of big and small adventures for our family of four.  We have big trips planned, a family wedding and another tuxedo for our ring bearer, a 30th birthday for this girl, and a few other big changes to prepare for and celebrate.  When I think back to last summer, it was exactly the summer I dream of.  Total leisure.  Cruz and I spent our days at home or at the playground, we picnicked, explored, and I soaked up the warmth from that unforgettable pregnancy glow I felt as we were blessed with the news of baby #2.  And now, a year later, she's here and I'm so excited to spend this summer making new memories for our family.  There's a lot in store for us and I hope we can balance all the good that comes with it with the joys of just another ordinary, simple summer at home.  

I've been making summer bucket lists for a few summers now and this was the first year Cruz could really contribute.  We hang it on the wall in our kitchen and it becomes a wonderful list for keeping us inspired and creative throughout the summer.  The list is filled with favorite things of ours - Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market, baseball games and picnic nights, our favorite summer foods, and simple ways to play in our own backyard.  There's no pressure with this list, just a fun approach to keeping us intentional during these months that fade away much too quickly.  I've always loved living in the Midwest because we know how to make the most of our seasons while they last. 

So here's our 2014 Summer Bucket List.  And 2013 and 2012 if you're curious...:)

1.  Go fishing...pack a picnic, of course.
2.  Go on a bear hunt
3.  Another outdoor movie night, preferably before Aaron sides his garage :)
4.  Disney World!!! (more on this later)
5.  Des Moines Farmers' Market
6.  Take Cruz to a Waterloo Buck's game
7.  Family picnic night to a new place
8.  Play at the ballpark, turn on the lights and run the bases
9.  Have a water balloon fight
10. Wash the car in our driveway, the old school way
11. Cruz and Mom date
12. Cruz and Dad date
13. Mom and Dad date night
14. Make a pitcher (or two) of sangria
15. Pick some strawberries at Heartland Farms
16. Spend a Saturday on the parkade - breakfast burritos, window shopping, and Scratch cupcakes for dessert
17. Build a sandcastle on the beach
18. Blow bubbles
19. Play hop-scotch 
20. Visit the Waterloo Sports Plex
21. Coffee and donut picnic at the playground
22. Grow a butterfly
23. Go to a parade
24. Paint masterpieces outside
25. Eat sno-cones
26. Play in the rain
27. Play superheroes 
28. Mom and spa date
29. Run a 5K
30. Mini, unplanned road trip to a new place
31. Feed the ducks
32. Explore the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids
33. Lay on the grass and tell stories about the clouds
34. Story time at the Arboretum
35. Go on a walk at bedtime
36. Buy some fresh flowers
37. Eat at the taco truck on Main
38. Clean out our closets
39. Start making baby food for Mila
40. Plant our garden - try something new // make homemade garden markers with Cruz
41. Girls' outing - tea and crafting
42. Make dirt about bugs
43. Spend a day at the zoo
44. Bake a cake with fresh lavender from the garden
45. Visit Daddy at work
46. Stay-home date night...drink whiskey and play cribbage on the deck
47. Paint Mila's toenails 
48. Read books under a shade tree
49. Fly a kite
50. Eat root beer floats and stay up late



  1. LOVE Disney! Went there several times with my family through the years so if you need any advice on the hit and miss places, let me know. We're planning to go in the next year or two so I'll be anxious to hear how it goes with Cruz.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I have never been and think I am more excited than Cruz is! Right now we're trying to decide which parks Cruz will like most at his age. Magic Kingdom for sure, but undecided about Epcot, Universal, or Animal Kingdom. Which one would you suggest for a 3.5 year old?

    2. Definitely do Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Skip Hollywood Studios... it's not even that great for adults anymore. That's the one park they haven't been doing a lot of updates to. Universal is a blast but definitely more fun for thrill seekers although the last time I went there, I didn't have any kids so I might not have noticed all the fun "kiddie" stuff offered. I really like Epcot and they have a FANTASTIC laser light show at night. I think you'd be sad to miss Epcot even if you only spend half a day there or an evening there.

  2. I recommend going to Decorah for the road trip. Such great places. An ice cream stand called the Whippy Dip, a fish hatchery to feed fish and have a picnic, even a great waterfall called Dunning Springs. When you go to Newbo be sure to look for Red Piglet t-shirts. My husband sells them!

    Great bucket list!

    1. Thanks for the tips! I have never been to Decorah but am now persuaded! Isn't there a brewery, too?

      I have heard such great things about Newbo. Can't wait to check it out!

    2. Yes, Decorah has Topling Goliath!

  3. Of course I greatly approve of the trip to a Bucks game ;) I agree - I think you would love Decorah! Mabe's Pizza and T-Bocks both remind me of other places it seems you would enjoy! It sounds like you have such a fun summer planned :)



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