Thursday, May 29, 2014

This weekend, we...

...scoured our kitchen for the makings of an impromptu picnic with Grandma Kelly.  We sprawled on a quilt, got some sun, and laughed at Mila in her new sun hat.

...tried salchipapas at La Calle, our latest restaurant on our new and improved College Hill.  Holy moly this place is good...give me all the chimichurri sauce.

..."relaxed" on the deck with Cruz.  He wasn't feeling a nap one afternoon, so we ate some goldfish crackers and talked in our backyard.  

...went hiking at Hartman Reserve early Saturday morning.  Before showers or breakfast, we picked up some donuts, coffee, and a new Ergo carrier from Target, and went exploring.  Mila fell asleep and we let Cruz be our guide as we trudged through this beautiful landscape.  We spotted deer and several 'Turbos', aka snails, made wishes on dandelion wisps, took breaks on tree trunks.  By far the best way to start a long summer weekend.

...graduation partied with my former students.  Beau and Cruz were good sports as the girls donned over Mila and reminisced with me.

...hung out with this girl on her new quilt I scored last weekend.

...played at the playground before bedtime.  Pushed Cruz on the swings and let Mila join us on the curly slide.  Cruz thought it was hilarious.  Mila...confused, but curious. :)  

...detoured in between parties and found ourselves on the patio at Mulligans on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  Holding chubby babies in onesies and sipping on Summit Summer Ale is the good life - and it was nearly impossible to stop at one...

...went for a walk in the dark and I heard my first June bug.

...tooks naps in unmade beds.

...hung out with new friends at a perfect Memorial Day barbecue.  A plate of all the seasonal staples, grilled chicken, tomato slices, deviled eggs, and watermelon, in hand, kids running in the backyard with quilt capes tied around their necks, and citronella candles surrounding us on the patio as we held sleeping babies with one hand and ate pie ala mode with the other.

...had a Jimmy Johns picnic at our favorite playground.  Mila got her first taste of grass and Cruz his first mosquito bite.  We followed it up with our first Tropical Sno of the season.

...had an impromptu sprinkler party in our front yard.  In our clothes.  We pretended the water was Dr. Doom's force field.  Cruz thought it was the bees knees.  

...ended our weekend with carry-out pizza and chocolate shakes on the back deck.  And sidewalk chalk.  Always sidewalk chalk.

Hope you had a wonderfully long weekend and a great kickoff to summertime! :)         

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