Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmastime at the Jorgensens...

It's not perfect this year, but I've got lots of years to work on that!  I just love nights with nothing to do but turn on the twinkly lights and live in front of the fireplace.  This week, after the kids go to bed, I've been finding solace in mixing a Christmasy drink and watching one of the several movies I have saved on the DVR.  I watched Love Actually last night and Four Christmases the other, and always save my favorite, It's a Wonderful Life, for last.  It's so busy this time of year, but so very peaceful at the same time.  

It's hard to believe that last year we were in between homes, living in my parents' basement and sharing the holidays (and everything else) together.  It was a tough year in many respects and it makes feeling a little more settled this year all the more sweeter.  

Some of my favorite nooks and spaces...

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


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