Thursday, December 31, 2015

Favorite Captures from 2015...

Of all the posts I write a year, my look back posts at the end of each year are my favorite.  I love looking back at the milestone moments that each year brings, of the big years with growing bellies and new babies, the places we've traveled to, and all the ordinarily beautiful moments in between.  There have been years with big changes and transitions (hello, 2014), and other years of simple and sweet.  But of all the years I've kept this blog, the theme that emerges the most is of family.  Growing together, learning together, making mistakes and messes together, and having so much fun in it all. 

Besides our move to our new house in March, this year has been one of getting settled, of chasing two kids, and balancing our family life with jobs that provided many blessings, and many projects this year.  I turned in six years of tenure track artifacts, and made it through part one of an intense doctorate class.  We deepened many friendships, started Cruz's last year of preschool, coached t-ball, and flew to the Florida coast.  We turned 1, 34, 31, and 5, and celebrated with caterpillar parties, new guitars, date nights, and a Cubs' spot in the National League Championship.  We watched sunsets on the Gulf Coast, watched Mumford under a sea of stars in Waverly, and watched all six Star Wars movies.  I developed a love of charcuterie and a good red blend, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and nights on our new back deck.  We grew hair (mostly Mila), grew grass, planted roots, and learned how to write (mostly Cruz).  We called a new place home, and look ahead to starting a new year here together.

But before we look to 2016 (and a hopeful Rose Bowl win), a few of my favorite captures of 2015.   

Mila girl turned the big ONE.

We watched this place take shape, and spent a lot of time making decisions!

Our last family picture at our temporary home at Mom and Dad's...

And our first family picture on the front steps of our new abode!

A spring of getting settled...

And a summer of planting some roots...

Take me back to Florida!  June 2015 

Or to our amazing weekend with Mumford...

The rest of our summer, filled with birthdays and holidays, great tans, and nights at the ballpark.

Cruz's last year of preschool and first year before a new school, a new teacher, and new friends.

A weekend getaway with this guy. 

A really pretty fall, complete with our favorite apple orchard, a fifth birthday party, Halloween, a new baby niece, and our first Thanksgiving at our place.

And Christmas!

Another year in the books, and another year ahead!  We're ready for you, sixteen!

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