Monday, December 14, 2015

Boone Made It!

For the last three years, Boone, our family's trusty Elf on a Shelf, has arrived promptly on December 1st, ushering in the holiday season with a North Pole breakfast fit for a king.  But when December 1st rolled around this year and Boone was not quite ready to arrive, we started to wonder if he got lost trying to find our new house.  After Cruz's friends' elves started to show their presence, Cruz decided we needed to write Santa a letter and remind him that we did indeed move and no longer live in Grandma and Papa's basement.  It turns out, Boone just needed a little more time to prepare for his December arrival, and came through with his annual North Pole breakfast the first Saturday of the month.

Early Saturday morning, I laid in bed and heard Cruz's feet make their way through the house.  The closer he came to the kitchen, I heard them stop when he reached the decorated table, then speed up as he stormed through our door and exclaimed, "He's here!  Boone's here!"  His excitement made me smile, and made me all the more excited for that special Christmas morning. 

Our North Pole breakfast 2014, 2013, and 2012.

It's funny, Boone received his name from Cruz at our very first North Pole breakfast.  I had purchased a few helium balloons to decorate the table and little Cruz was smitten with them.  When I asked what he wanted to name his elf, he was adamant that Boone was the perfect name.  We didn't have balloons this year, but I did hang a few lanterns from the dining room light fixture, right next to the place Boone decided to land.  And when I carried Mila into the kitchen that morning, she took one look at the light fixture, pointed right in the direction of our elf, and squealed "Boone!" as if she knew exactly who he was.  At first, we looked at each other dumbfounded, but soon realized she thought the lanterns were balloons!  But that familiar smile on Boon's face as he hung above our table that day revealed that maybe he was in on a little magic of his own. 

This years's tablescape was full of color and incorporated some new and old favorites of our little family.  We had blueberry muffins and hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles, Boone's familiar candy-cane shaped fruit plate, and our Saturday morning staple, Dunkin' Donut Holes, only this time, displayed in a Christmas tree, per Boone's request.  He left a letter for Cruz detailing his request, and Cruz's eyes lit up as he listened to his special role in our breakfast:

"Hi Cruz and Mila!  Your friend, Boone is back for the month of December!  I have to apologize - it took me a little longer to find you this year because you have a new house.  I can't wait to spend the month here!  Remember, every night, I'll fly back to the North Pole and report back to Santa Claus.  But I'll be back each morning, so make sure to look for me before you leave for school.  I'll be watching to make sure you are listening to your mom and dad, picking up your toys, going to bed without a fuss, and being good listeners and leaders at school.  Today, I want to celebrate my arrival with a North Pole breakfast.  There are blueberry muffins and fruit, hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles, and one more thing, but I need a little help from you, Cruz.  I hear there is a new place in town with delicious donuts.  Would you mind picking some up for our breakfast?  Oh, and ask your mom to make them into a Christmas tree.  I do love Christmas trees.  Happy Christmas, Cruz and Mila!  Your friend, Boone."

In addition to breakfast, Boone surprised Cruz and Mila with his tradition of one wrapped ornament to add to our Christmas tree, as well as a new movie to enjoy as we settle in to this season of snuggle.  Quite fittingly, Cruz received a Darth Vader and Mila, a pair of ruby red slippers, which prompted Cruz to inquire whether Boone knew just what they were for Halloween this year.  Then, they opened up the movie, Inside Out, a movie we can't wait to watch again. 

The first thing Cruz does now every morning is go on a Boone hunt, always spotting him and making sure Beau and I both take a look.  Boone's been back to his crazy antics, and so far, we've only had one minor setback.  Papa was over the other night and when I came out of another room, I noticed Boone laying on the ottoman and Cruz snacking on the marshmallows from the cup he was in.  I have yet to get the full story, but it seems Cruz got caught in the moment and he and Papa touched Boone.  After an apology letter scribed from Papa, signed by Cruz, and a scout elf from the North Pole that came to bandage up Boone, he was back to his old self the next day.  And with Mila around this year, we've learned that Boone has a lot of magic in him. :)  

Some of Boone's antics so far this December...

He's been in the fridge, sporting some hip, fair isle winter gear.

Teaching lots of Cruz and Mila's stuffies all about Baby Jesus.

The scout elf patched Boone up after the infamous touching escapade.

And he was back the next night, leaving a trail of marshmallows from Cruz's room to the kitchen.

And this morning, Boone proved to be a pretty good artist. :)

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  1. I love your North Pole parties!! So much fun! Love your cute decorations!! I am especially loving that cute wrapping paper!:)



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