Wednesday, February 10, 2016

As the winter winds...

A wordless Wednesday post from the little winter wonderland we found ourselves in a week ago today.  It seems at least once a winter we get this snowfall that sticks to the trees and sparkles in the sun, and everything glistens in this really magical sort of way.  We had been stuck inside for most of the day, but by the time that late afternoon sun started streaming through our windows, I had the wild idea to put on our gear and go trudge through the snow in one of my favorite places.  This little trail didn't disappoint and the three of us marveled at the soft snow on the branches, the airplane lines in the sky, and the cold taste of our mittens.  Cruz made a family of snow angels, Mila wimped out before the rest of us, and we made our way back to our car ready for cocoa by the fire.       

1 comment:

  1. Love these fun snowy pictures! Winter really is so beautiful!!



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