Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ten Things to Love About You

Although Valentine's Day has officially come and gone, there's no reason we can't celebrate love and all this pink on my feed throughout the rest of the month.  Or maybe just the week.  We had a very chill weekend here at home, spending lots of time in our festive teepee fort I built the kids Friday night, and cooking meals, playing toys, and watching movies.  At one point Saturday night, I think we had nearly every blanket we own spread across the living room floor, and of course, remnants of heart wrapping paper and tin foil candy wrappers mixed up in between.  All signs of a good weekend celebrating this love thing.  

Friday night, I hauled Cruz's pinstriped teepee out into the livingroom, along with my little Valentine's box filled with my homemade chipboard banner, white lights, and a few other surprises.  This simple break from the ordinary caused quite the stir at our house, the kids squealing and running and grabbing extra blankets and stuffed animals that hadn't seen the light of day in awhile, piling them up inside their hut and crawling in, their shrills of excitement reminding me how fun it is to curate these moments for them.  "I want the kids to someday talk about all these silly little celebrations we used to have," I told Beau as I safety pinned lights in just the right places.  I want them to remember all the little things, the sleeping bags on the floor or the charcuterie picnics, as some of their best memories of growing up and being part of this family.  

As our last "first" holiday celebrated in our home, Beau and I reflected a lot on last Valentine's Day and how out of control we felt.  Just three weeks away from moving, we had so much to do and not enough time to do it all.  Now, just a year later, we are settled and feel so very content in this place.  What a year makes!  And with bedrooms and doors of our own to close every night at bedtime, I started a new tradition that quickly became a keeper this month.  One heart, with one message of love taped to the kids' doors every night before Valentine's Day.  Beau and I took turns, and it was the first thing we talked about every morning before getting ready for school.  I smile every time I read these 28 little messages of love, for they are such telling picture of Cruz and Mila at this stage.  Their quirks and silly expressions, favorite things, and unique personalities that will continue to grow and blossom year after year.  Valentines after Valentines.

14 reasons we love Cruz Bennett...        

1. I love how great of a dancer you are.
2. I love your laugh and your funny sense of humor.
3. I love how creative your lego builds are.
4. I love how excited you are to take a shower.
5. I love how you ride your ziggle.
6. I love when we build marble towers together.
7. I love how patient you are with your sister.
8. I love your big brown eyes.
9. I love to give you power bombs.
10. I love that you always remember to pray.
11. I love watching Star Wars together.
12. I love how you sing Adele's "Hello."
13. I love writing songs with you.
14. I love your sensitive and sweet heart.

* * *

14 reasons we love Mila Carys...

1. I love how you pat our back when we pick you up.
2. I love your hugs when I get home from work.
3. I love when you talk to your babies and give them kisses.
4. I love all the things you get excited about.
5. I love watching you twirl.
6. I love how you brush the hair out of your eyes.
7. I love how you hold your blankie up by your nose.
8. I love your sweet kisses.
9. I love when you tell me stories.
10. I love when you hug (and then tackle) your brother.
11. I love to listen to Avett Brothers together.
12. I love that you blame everything on Boone. :)
13. I love that you say "shake your boobies" instead of "booty"
14. I love shopping with you.  And when you point to everything and say, "Oh, that's so cuute."   


  1. I love this idea! What a fun tradition and it's teaching siblings how to show love to each other. We get so busy it's hard to stop and really show those we love how much we actually love them. Valentine's Day is such a great reminder to slow down and focus on that.



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