Saturday, June 17, 2017

Berry Picking 2017

We adventured to Heartland Farms for one of our most favorite summertime traditions on a gorgeous Tuesday morning before the heat wave surprised our June.  Daddy had to work so we invited Grandma along for the ride.  School had just ended, strawberry season had just begun, and I was ready to dive into our days of fun with the kids.

From the time Mila's Little Red Riding Hood outfit arrived for Halloween, I've been dreaming of her picking strawberries in it.  There's just something about a little girl in gingham in the summertime that makes my heart burst.  Luckily, it still fit her like a glove and she looked like our own little strawberry shortcake - especially once she found this beach hat on the bench that I was about ready to sell on Sell and Swap.  She put it on, strutted around the house in it, and I was convinced it was surely meant to be.  We could not get enough of her!

We picked nearly 15 pounds of delicious red berries in no time at all.  They were just too good to leave there!  The kids were helpful for awhile, until they noticed the big white jumping pillow off in the distance and (im)patiently waited their turn.  We took our time, took a bunch of pictures, then had fun exploring the grounds and saying hello to all the farm animals.  Mila loved the sweet baby goats and we were all quite impressed when the peacock decided to show off his iridescent feathers.  

Our strawberry adventure in pictures... :)     


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