Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of dance recital week, a few pictures from Mila's last week of dance practice.  We made it a year at Fusion Dance Studio and it was a joy taking my girl to practice each week.  Although I wasn't a dancer myself growing up, and this dance mom stuff is all new to me, there has been an anticipation in the air this past week as rehearsals have started and I must say it is pretty exciting.  Fusion is located on the second and third story of an old building in downtown Waterloo.  Mila has practiced in a smaller studio on the second floor up until last week, so we hadn't seen much of the building.  Last week, they were on the third floor and when I dropped her off up there, it was like something out a movie scene.  The room they were practicing in was huge, and had these gorgeous big windows and old gymnasium floors.  There were long legged beauties stretching and twirling and awaiting their turn everywhere.  Mila and I were both awestruck!  And while I just can't get into the whole makeup thing and the frilly, sparkly costumes just aren't my favorite, I could watch her twirl around in her Alice and Ames leotards all day long.  She's my Mila ballerina, and I love her so. 

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