Friday, June 16, 2017

Mila's First Dance Recital

Just in case you end up on Dancing with the Stars someday, I thought it would be important to recount your very first dance know, just in case... ;)

I think I could write a children's book and call it Mila Ballerina.  In it I would write tales of your first year of dance class at Fusion Dance and Fitness, your dance studio in the top two stories of an old building in Waterloo, with gorgeous big glass windows and old gym floors that look straight out of a movie set.  The main character, Mila Ballerina, loves to twirl and dance to her own beat, but doesn't seem too keen on this structured dance routine stuff.  And let's not even talk about this bun thing ballerinas wear in their hair.  It took us all of ten months to wonder if you really enjoyed dance or not as we sat outside your little dancing room overhearing you march and twirl and sing along to your favorite tunes, but always coming out a half hour later (with your purple stamp on your hand and a sucker in your mouth) and giving us little reaction or validation. 

All spring, we've been hearing talk of Fusion's elaborate recital coming up in June, of cute bug costumes and Gallagher Bluedorn tickets and blush on cheeks and no undies under tights and I've been secretly wondering if this was all too soon for you.  I asked you often to show me a few of your moves from your dance number, and you always refused.  You said you were too shy, or that you didn't know your dance, and even when you would decided to show me something, you'd do this weird little hop with your tongue out and your hands waving up and down by your ears.  I laughed and told Beau you were either going to take one look at that stage and go running for the hills, or get up there and do that dance move.  And I'm not sure which scenario we were hoping for!


And then Sunday came and me and Daddy and Cruz, and Papa and Grandma, and Great Grandma, all found our seats in the second row of the big Gallagher Bluedorn and waited in anticipation to see you and your small class of five Tiny Tots in your debut performance.  And you marched on stage with the sweetest smile on your face and you danced your heart out!  You knew your whole routine and blew us all away with your pointed toes and big smile and sweet little skip and wave off the stage.  For 45 seconds, time just stopped and we all watched you with such pride.  Even Cruz was so very proud of you, waving to you with the sweetest, most sincere smile on his face.

Daddy went and snatched you up shortly after your performance so you could watch some of the big dancers for awhile.  The show was unbelievable.  We had heard big things about Fusion's recitals and it did not disappoint.  The show, "Discover the Wild," took us on a safari adventure with every dance featuring a different animal, a coordinating choreographed dance, gorgeous costumes and set design, and unbelievably talented dancers.  Every dance was completely different and the music and moves kept us entertained for hours.  Three, to be exact. ;)  Even Cruz loved it!  Mila watched from Papa's lap for awhile, but then found her way to mine, demanded I take her bun out, then conked out shortly after, only to wake up for the finale.


We celebrated with a pretty tutu balloon and a bouquet of pink peonies, just for you.  You never cease to amaze us with your surprises, Mila.  We loved watching you up there and love watching you twirl through life even more. 


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