Thursday, June 22, 2017

Good Things || June, Pt. 2

512.  Summer afternoons.  Weed pulling and ice tea drinking. Books with Mila and books to myself.  Tossing surprise freezy pops from the deck into the trampoline for half the cul de sac.    

513. Her love of stuffies.  Cruz didn't have much interest in them while he was little, but they are Mila's go-to "toy" of choice.  

514. Quiet time, outside.  They sure do know how to instigate and aggravate each other from time to time, but they are the best of friends most of the time.  I adore their sweet relationships, their legs intertwined as they read quietly together.    

515. Little Noah's Ark books discovered in our neighborhood lending library by the mailbox.  I get the mail, Mila grabs a book.

516. This morning.  The kids were a little bored so I had them draw an "activity stick" (more on this to come) and they drew "art project."  An idea came to me as I grabbed one of our favorites, Caterpillar Dreams, from the shelf.  We read the book and I sent the kids out to the deck with paper and watercolors, instructing them to recreate their favorite scenes from the book.  This kept them busy for an hour and with our French doors open in our bedroom, I listened to them work while I cleaned out dresser drawers.  They worked so hard and now their sweet creations fill an empty wall in our kitchen.    

517. Lunches from the garden.  Fresh kale, fresh berries, almonds, feta, and a strawberry poppyseed dressing stored in a mason jar in the fridge.

518. The BEST strawberry jam, and homemade biscuits on a Saturday morning, both inspired from this month's issue of the Magnolia Journal.  Joanna Gaines just keeps on inspiring, first in the house and then in my kitchen.

519. Progress in our basement space.  A reading nook I can't wait to spend time in, more shiplap, and a pretty blue gray for our bar area.

520. Saturday morning play while we wait for our friend Chris to visit from San Fran.

521. Freezy pop breaks from cleaning the house.  We consume a lot of freezy pops this time of year. :) 

522. Build-your-own breakfast parfaits with fresh fruit and granola.

She finished Cruz's too. :)

523. A morning of imaginative play.  Sometimes all it takes it dragging out a forgotten bag of Magformers to incite two hours of creativity.   

She was a spectator at his "battle".  

524. A hot afternoon where we skipped the pool and had our own fun at home.  With super soakers, sprinklers, and of course, plenty of freezy pops.   

525. An assortment of food from a fridge clean, and a break from water play for lunch.

526. Ice cream cones and this beach girl, with her blond wavy curls and sun-kissed skin.  

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