Friday, June 2, 2017

Cruz, You Did It

This morning, I woke up at 6:00 and stole you away for a little time on your last morning of Kindergarten.  We went to get donuts, not even knowing it was national donut day, and talked about kindergarten and Mom and Dad's anniversary on the way there.  You asked me how many months we've been married (120), asked if we knew we wanted a baby even though we didn't have one for awhile, and then asked if you had to go find someone to marry or if we did that for you!  Oh and you asked if I would be 70 when you got married someday.  I sure hope not! 

We woke up Daddy and Mila, ate our donuts at the table, and told you how proud we were of you.  You knocked Kindergarten out of the park and had such a wonderful first year of school.  Then, after Daddy and Mila left for work and daycare, we took advantage of the beautiful morning and walked to the bus stop.  We got there early, thirteen minutes to be exact, so we sat on the curb and pretended we were at a parade.  And then just like that, bus driver Ed picked you kids off and I got my last wave of the school year.  You did, Cruz!

I have so loved having a kindergartener this year.  I've loved getting a sneak peek of your classroom through my own job at UNI, loved getting to know your fabulous teacher, Mrs. Ferguson, and most of all loved your stories and "guess whats?" every day after school.  You have mastered sight words and Level 1 readers, made some great friends, put up with hot lunch most of the year, and developed a love of music class and of course, PE and recess.  And while I think you'd be content if you just kept on going all summer long, I am so ready to have you here at home this summer, to soak up all you've learned and see how much you've grown.  So let's go - we've got a bucket list to get to!

Your FIRST day of Kindergarten...

And your LAST day...


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