Thursday, November 11, 2010

All in the Family...

Last Saturday night, my family celebrated my brother's birthday by lying on the floor, surrounding our babies, laughing as Charly attempted to warm up to her new little cousin by stealing his pacifier and sitting on his belly.  We imitated their little (and big) noises, overexaggerated silly faces in hopes of getting a smile in return, and took turns passing around our littles in between dinner and birthday cupcakes.

Tonight, while Beau was at a networking meeting, Taylor came over in desperate need of assistance in writing an annotated bibliography for a college class.  The three of us, Cruz in between, had some tummy time in front of the laptop screen, searching for primary and secondary sources, while cheering on Cruz and his attempts to record the longest ever head raise.

Sometimes I laugh and wonder what my family did before these sweet little ones entered our lives.  What did we do to pass the time at family get-togethers?  What did my mom and I talk about on the phone?  What did we take pictures of?  

Oh, how could I forget...

Speaking of cats, it seems ours has recently accepted her fate.  The fate of a little baby that cries and poops and disturbs her twenty-something hours of sleep each day, all while consuming way more attention from the love of her life, her Beau, the man who used to cuddle with her after work, and hang out for long hours in the basement 'man's room.'  Life is not the same for Jade, but she's learning to settle for less.  

Or at least learning to share.       

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  1. I absolutely love the last photo! Our animals are also trying to adjust to life after baby. Our dog has started reverting to her naughty puppy behaviors to get attention... eating the remote control, the dishtowels in the kitchen, etc. The cat is actually adjusting pretty well!



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