Thursday, November 11, 2010


Cruz is a go-getter.  I knew this fact for the 41 weeks I carried him, as he moved non-stop.  And now, all who have seen our little one in action have seen proof of this activity I talked about while pregnant.  Whether he's sleeping, eating, or stretching out on the floor, our little dude is kicking his feet, throwing gang signs with his hands, or attempting to climb up our chests as we attempt to cuddle with him.  Every day, he's proving to be his parents' son...he's always on the move, always working hard, always on his toes. 

This is most evident during one of my favorite times of the day...tummy time.  It's amazing to me that babies know just what to do when they are placed on their tummies - it's go time for them.  Cruz is a champ at tummy time.  Every day, he lifts his head a little higher and enjoys his view a little longer.  A part of me feels sorry for him because he is working so incredibly, frustratingly hard; however, a part of me could watch him all day long.  He gets such a look of determination about him.  His forehead wrinkles, his neck elongates like that of a brontosaurus, and his eyes brighten as if he's just witnessed a miracle.  When he really gets into it, his entire body works, from the wrinkles on his forehead to the tips of his toes.  Tummy time evolves into baby yoga and Cruz rocks out the superman position.  I think he took his Halloween costume a little too seriously this year...

Tonight, as my friends from work, Josh and Nikki, stopped over to see Cruz, we decided to dazzle them with a little tummy time.  As Nikki and I cheered him on from the floor, Cruz decided to take baby yoga a little further.  His feet got so into that he ROLLED OVER!  A true milestone!  I think Cruz was as surprised at his accomplishment as the four of us were...he stared at us in complete disbelief!  After we realized what had happened, the room erupted in applause!  Nikki was shrieking and high fives were exhanged across the room, all while our little star stared wide-eyed at the excitement surrounding him.  After Josh and Nikki left, Cruz decided to make sure this milestone made the baby book, and rolled over three more times! 

We'll see if Cruz can continue his stellar yoga moves again tomorrow.  I have a feeling that in no time, he'll be rockin' downward dog.  I'll try and capture his mad skills on our Flip camera...someday, he'll get a kick out of how focused he looks!

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