Saturday, November 6, 2010

The small things...

Today was a good day.  A midday trip to the mall with Cruz, sandwiched between a mug of hot chocolate and a big bowl of buttery popcorn.  A night with no plans other than hibernating like three bears in the house with a good movie and a snuggly baby.  The reassurance of knowing I have a teammate to tackle the possible lack of sleep I'm going to get tonight.  And the face of a baby that makes it all worth it.

For the first day since bringing Cruz home, I finally feel like I'm figuring things out.  Instead of running around the house like a madwoman in the morning while Cruz slept, I took my time, made some breakfast, sipped a warm mug of hot chocolate, and stayed in the shower extra long.  I dried my hair and put my makeup on while Cruz slept in his lambie chair on the bathroom floor.  Later, I discovered that Cruz prefers the sound of a vacuum cleaner for sleeping instead of the soft lullaby music offered by his motorized swing; so, I vacuumed the living room, the hallway, the curtains, and the stair steps.  We snuggled for awhile and read a few books before I decided on a whim to take a trip to the mall.  It's only a matter of time before I'm unable to bundle my little one up and kill a few hours walking around a quiet mall.  Plus, now that the mall is dressed in its Christmas best, the Holiday season is in full swing and I'm itching to begin my Christmas shopping.  I loaded and unloaded the stroller on my own, made several laps up and down the mall, and even fed Cruz in the Von Maur bathroom without needing my mom to help situate a blanket over top of me.   

And because I am a realist and know that not every day will be a Superwoman kind of day, I am going to use the good of today to bring the Happiness Project back to life.  Because I know there will be days when I fail, days when my makeup doesn't get on, and the floors never get vacuumed.  Days when I'm too tired to write, too tired to think, too tired to see the good that comes with each day.  So, here's to the small, simple things making me happy these days... 
71.  Bath time.  Last night, Beau and I were discussing our favorite parts of raising a baby, and we both decided bath time was in our top ten.  The first couple baths were a little hectic; however, now Cruz is in seventh heaven.  I love our routine at bathtime.  As I get the water temperature and amount of suds just so, Beau strips our little one and carries him in the kitchen, cute little baby butt fully exposed for the world (well, neighbors) to see.  Then, as I scrub his little head of hair, the space between his toes, and his tiny little underarms, Beau continuously douses Cruz with a shower of warm water.  Usually, our bathtime is accompanied with an improvised song to the tune of whatever was on the radio last.  Family time at its best.

Bath time would not be the same without the following two products.  Our tub came with this little colander and it's saved us from a cold, crying baby at bathtime.

72.  I love talking to Cruz.  Having what seems like a completely one-sided conversation with yourself, until you notice two sparkly blue eyes riding on your every word.  He has even started shaping his mouth into 'coo' noises, like he's trying to reassure me that he does listen and would like to be able to talk too.  These little conversations are some of the most special moments I have with Cruz.  It's pretty amazing to think of him listening that way for the many months I was carrying him too.  To see his eyes perk up when he hears my voice is pretty unbelieveable.  Now if I only I could get my students to listen to me that way!

73.  Brothers and Sisters - I truly don't know how our parents survived without a DVR, let alone cable, when we were tiny babes.  I have developed a system.  Instead of watching my primetime TV shows when they are regularly scheduled, I record just about everything.  Then, during feedings, naptimes, and the occasional sleepless night, I catch up on my TV.  TV that now has the rewind, fast-forward, and pause capability...all much more appreciated now that we have a baby.  DVR has saved me from long afternoons and terrible daytime television. 

Among a list that includes Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, and HBO's, Boardwalk Empire, my favorite each week is by far Brothers and Sisters.  It's the only show I have a hard time deleting from the DVR after watching it.  It's drama and a beautiful set, wine and delicious food, great music, and Gilles Marini.  Most of all, it has a depth to every episode, depth that usually leaves me with a smile on my face, or tears running down my cheeks. 

74.  Quilts.  It's that time of year.  Time to carry in a stack of firewood and fill our living room with quilts and blankets.  To add clutter to an already tiny room in the form of homemade patches of navy, red, gold, and green.  Now that we have Cruz, our house is completely cluttered with cute baby blankets.  And while he may have a blanket to match about every outfit he owns, I'd say I'm making great use of them.  You can never have enough blankets.

Yesterday, Cruz's Grandma Mary, Great Aunt Becky, and Great Grandma Sanders came to visit.  Great Grandma Sanders surprised us with the newest addition to our quilt collection.  Cruz's very-own, handmade, patchwork quilt.

Complete with little Cubbie Bears.  

We are thrilled and I'm already thinking about Cruz's next bedroom.  He showed off on it for his guests, entertaining us with a round of tummy time and some cuteness.  That's about all he's able to do right now ;)   

75.  Mukluks.  Enough said. 

It's Saturday morning and I smell eggs frying on the griddle.  Happy weekend! 

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