Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where thar is Cruz, thar are Pirates!

It all started with a joke about a pirate, a bar, and a steering wheel.  I'm really not sure if Beau had a love affair with pirates prior to this joke, but after a year or so of perfecting his pirate voice and getting rave reviews of his famous joke, Beau adored all things pirate.  Oftentimes, I would get home from work to find my husband, walking around the house with nothing but an eye patch and a bottle of rum.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.  Beau's brother Gabe did give a toast at our wedding reception that ended with the entire room lifting their glasses and toasting with a great big 'yarrrrr.'  That, I am not making up. 

Ironically, about the time we found out we were having a baby boy, Baby Gap introduced a new line of boy's clothes, complete with skulls, crossbones, and pirate ships.  Other stores soon caught on to the growing trend and before too long, pirates were everywhere.  Williams Sonoma has an entire section of pirate birthday party decor.  We registered for a pirate ship night light at Pottery Barn.  And I just purchased 'A Pirate's Night Before Christmas,' at Barnes and Noble.  One of the first things Beau bought for his son was a little onesie with a skull on the front.  Yes, while little girls Cruz's age are dressed in lacy tights, ruffly dresses, and frilly headbands, our son chills in pirate ships.  He would wear an eye patch if he didn't have trouble focusing with two eyes as is. 

The other day, Cruz wore his first pirate outfit.  Together, we hung out on the living room floor and practiced our pirate talk.  I'd say he has a ways t'go! 

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