Friday, November 12, 2010


Happy One Month Birthday, Cruz Bennett.  While it pains me to admit that you are already a month old, it's also unbelievable that you've been a part of our lives for an entire month.  As I look back at the last four weeks, I'm convinced I've learned more this month than I have in any other month over the course of my life.  I feel like the three of us have grown closer together than I ever dreamed possible.  Your dad and I have loved growing into these new shoes of parenthood, discovering more about ourselves and our relationship every day.  You have brought such a newfound happiness to our lives.  I think I've had a permanent smile on my face every day since bringing you home, and it's amazing how every day just keeps getting better and better.

Cruz at One Month...

...You are a mover!  Everyone who listened to me go on and on about how much you moved while you were cooking away inside of me has now seen the proof.  Dr. Chandra, your pediatrician, even commented on how active you were when you wouldn't stop moving on the hospital bed!  You seem older than what you are, almost discontent at your inability to move around the room!  I think you are going to give us a run for our money someday!

...When you're not working those feet and arms, you can be quite the snuggle bug too.  You are happiest when you are in the arms of one of your parents, and especially love sleeping on our chests and holding onto our fingers as you sleep.  From your first day of life, you loved to be held, swaddled, and kept nice and warm with lots of cozy blankets.

...Speaking of swaddled, I don't know what we'd do without your Halo Sleep Sack.  I discovered it in your closet one night and you immediately slept three straight hours!  Not to mention, you look adorable in it too! 

...You are expressive!  Everyone comments on all the little faces you make, especially when you wrinkle your forehead and point your eyebrow bones down.  You kind of look like you're concentrating really hard on something, but other times, you look like you're scowling at us!  You are also a noisy sleeper.  Our favorite noises are your little snore, your Super Mario Bros. squeak, and your little lamb call you make when you eat!

...You are growing!  When we brought you home from the hospital, you weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz, and were 21.5 inches long.  At your two-week appointment, you weighed 8.9, and even grew a half inch.  You are a little under the 50th percentile for weight, but over the 85th percentile for length!  Your stats are proving to emulate your parents...tall and skinnny!  

...You love to nurse.  The nurses called you a prodigy from the start!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like the uncertainty that comes with nursing, but it's proved to be such a bonding experience for the two of's one of my favorite moments of the day!  You eat about every three hours during the day and have been gradually making it about 4-5 at night.  This week, you surprised me and your daddy by sleeping from 10:30 to 4:45, without waking up ONCE!  You let me know when you're hungry at night, but usually go right back to sleep after rocking you a bit.  Your dad has also given you a few bottles and you take them down like a champ!  You're a good eater, a good burper, and on your way to being a good sleeper! 

...You are so strong, especially when it comes to lifting that little neck of yours.  Tummy time is a lot of work, but you seem to enjoy it.  You work and work and work and when you get tired, lay your head on its side and look as though you could fall asleep.  I have a feeling you might be a tummy sleeper if I'd let you!  This week, you are content on your tummy for a half hour at a time!  Sometimes, when you lift your head high, you also lift your legs and the very tips of your toes!  And last night, you got so high that you kicked your feet and rolled from your tummy to your back!  You were as stunned as we were!   

...You have a love/hate relationship with bath time.  At first, you despised them, especially when we couldn't fill the tub very full because of your cord.  After about three attempts, your mommy and daddy worked out a system.  While I wash your hair and scrub between your toes, your dad keeps you nice and warm by pouring warm water over your chest, over and over and over again.  We sing and laugh and try our best to make bath time enjoyable...sometimes it works and sometimes, well, we should know better than to give you a bath when you're hungry!

...You are quite the social lite.  We've taken full advantage of the warm weather the last month by getting you out and about.  You walked the mall with us when you were just four days old, have been out to eat six times (including a packed Texas Roadhouse), traveled to Allison and Hampton to visit your great-grandmas when you were just a week, have been to church twice, and have ran numerous errands with your mom.  Turns out, you're pretty easy to take along.  If it wasn't for one exception the night we were requesting to get you baptized, you've slept through every one of your outings! 

...Although you love to be cuddled, you also like your independence.  You enjoy stretching out on your favorite star blanket or lounging in your boppy pillow.  You love to look around and it didn't take you long to spot the TV, the windows, and our faces.  You definitely recognize your mommy and daddy's voices and LOVE being talked to. 

...You love your daddy, especially when he marches around the house with you, improvising silly songs to the tune of whatever is in his head.  My favorite is when he sings, "When the Saints Go Marching In," while you kick your feet to the beat.  You also love when I sing songs from church to you.  When you really get into it, I can start to see glimpses of some very cute cooing.

...Your car seat has about a five minute "wake" period.  After that, you're out like a light.  You love riding in cars and especially love going for walks outside.  We had no idea we'd be able to show you around the neighborhood in the middle of November!

...your favorite place to sleep (besides with us), is your crib.  We were planning to put you in a pack n' play next to our bed, but you, nor I, could get much sleep with that set up.  You take a good morning nap and sometimes, even a long afternoon nap in your crib.  As we speak, you've been out for over two hours!

Maternity leave is like nothing I ever imagined. I have this newborn baby at home, a little life completely dependent on me; however, I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. Mornings spent lying face to face with my little one; telling him about his family, his life, and his God. Rocking him to sleep in the recliner, then breathing in his baby scent for the next two hours.  Singing him to sleep, then watching all the little faces he makes as he drifts deeper and deeper into dreamland. Watching the clock waiting for Beau to get home so the three of us can laugh and love and soak in all that is Cruz. I feel incredibly blessed and sometimes undeserving of the love that God has placed in our lives.

Wow, what a month!  It's crazy how much you have changed since October 12.  You are such a strong little guy and we are continually amazed at all you can do.  I can't wait to celebrate all the blessings in our lives during this upcoming holiday season.  It's Christmas time, baby, and there are so many happy moments ahead.  

Love you forever...


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