Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy FIRST Father's Day to you.  I always knew you were talented, but being a daddy is really your thing...Whether you are taking pride in changing yet another diaper, rocking Cruz to sleep at night, carrying him down the street on your shoulders, or reading him Green Eggs and Ham, you amaze me as a dad every single day... 

Fatherhood sure looks good on you.

I feel so blessed to be walking down this road of parenthood with you.  You are the glue that holds the three of us together, the one who keeps this family afloat.  But more than that, I am so thankful for the happiness you bring to Cruz.  Watching his eyes light up when he hears your voice come through the door, or seeing him rest his little body into yours when he's tired, is evidence of the love he has for you.  You are such a hero to him, such an influence in his life.  Never has life felt so complete as when I'm watching the two of you together.  

Happy Father's Day, babe.   

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