Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last week, we took Cruz and cousin Charly to the strawberry patch.  It's been on our baby bucket lists for awhile and at a $1.50 per pound, you can't go wrong.  Strawberries are a favorite of mine, and I was anxious to see what Cruz thought of them.  He loves his pureed strawberries mixed with cereal, but has never had a shot with a big and plump juicy one.  Plus, there's just something about sticking a couple of little people in the middle of a field of strawberries that screams summertime. 

It was a hot one outside.  The littles after being attacked by sunblock...

My bronzing babe (notice the extra white onesie)...

...and Charly the Explorer...

It was love at first bite.  I stripped Cruz down to his onesie and plopped a strawberry in his tight little fist.  Like everything that finds its way into his fist, it didn't take long for the strawberry to find its way to his mouth.  


Charly, on the other hand, didn't quite know what to make of her cousin.  She just watched him, then went back to helping us find our treasure while Cruz kept the bench warm and tested only the best ones.  

He's like a chipmunk; he stores pieces of food in his chubby cheeks.  The other night, I found a tiny piece of a grape I had given him about an hour before.  He's resourceful, that one ;).  

My abandoned, sticky, sweaty baby, watching the rest of us pick his snacks.  These pictures make me laugh so much as it truly looks like we abandoned him in this field.  He ate, and watched, and never made a fuss.   

Charly proved to be much more reserved with her strawberries.  She daintily picked up one after another, proudly presented them to her mom, and nibbled on a green, unripened one when we weren't looking.


It was fun to see the differences in age and gender between the two of them.  While Cruz squeezed strawberries between his fingers, watched the juice run down his arm into his diaper, and tried to stick grass in his mouth when his strawberry was gone, Charly was definitely not digging the mess.  She preferred to be in on the action, walked proudly between the plants, and brushed her hands together in satisfaction after plopping a strawberry in our crate.  

I love the story that unfolds in this series of pictures...

What is this baby's deal? 
A strawberry for Charly... 

...who would much rather have a drink of her juice (notice someone else would too).

Excuse me, may I have a drink? (Notice the strawberry Charly dropped...) 

I guess I'll go for another one of these instead...

Attempting to redeem himself and make a friend again, Cruz has about as much game as his father...

Hmm...maybe I'll try this.

This isn't working.  Do I have something on my face? 


Dad steps in to regulate the situation.  

I guess there's one girl who will always love me!

It was a great afternoon and definitely a day I'd love to see become a tradition for our families.  And heck, after the strawberries and angel food cake we had last weekend, I may just have to make a trip out there again soon.  Only this time, I'll be prepared with a garden hose!

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  1. Your series of pictures with captions made me laugh! Well done... such cuties!



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