Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Leavin' on a jet plane...

Cruz will be eight months old on Sunday and he's stayed away from his crib ONCE.  He's always been a good sleeper and I guess I've been a little nutty about ruining a good thing.  We always stay at our parents' house over Christmas, but decided to drive back this year for fear of messing up his 'schedule.'  I'm learning, however, that babies are pretty adept at rolling with the punches.  Unless they're teething, that is.  

Tomorrow, however, we will embark on our first big overnight adventure.  Beau and I are taking off for the East Coast to see Chris and Carlie, two people Beau became good friends with during his semester abroad in Australia, get married on Cape Cod.  Cruz is staying at my parents' house.  While I'm looking forward to a new adventure to add to our travel journal, flying into Boston, renting a car and driving up the coast, exploring Nantucket, eating fresh seafood on the beach, and attending our first beach wedding on the banks of Cape Cod, I'm also feeling pretty apprehensive about leaving Cruz.  Since we've never been apart overnight, I have no idea how I'll react to three nights away from him.  I have a feeling by Sunday, I'll be losing my mind missing him!  

Today is a big day of learning all that goes into packing for a baby!  My mom has been busy as well, transforming Taylor's old room to a nursery for her grand-babies.  She even unpacked the crib we used as babies.  My hope is that he loves my old crib as much as he loves his own.  Otherwise, Grandma and Grandpa might not invite him back!  

I feel like we're packing for a week instead of three days.  Bottles and bathtubs, Cruz's favorite toys and blankets, and lots of clothes so Mom can have fun dressing him.  That was her only request...lots of cute clothes!  My only request is that my parents would learn how to Skype; however, I have a feeling only one of our requests will be granted!  

Ugh, I do better when I'm thinking about packing, and making enough baby food, and finishing up laundry, and getting my hair done, and picking up toiletries at Target, and making sure Jade gets fed.  Poor Jade.  We happened to remember we needed someone to check on her while we're gone about the same time we realized our flight departs at ten instead of eleven.  In the past, a typed itinerary, an outline of clothes to be worn and packed, and a pedicure would have been at the top of my trip to-do list.  This year, it's individual baggies of frozen ice cubes of baby food, a bag of Cruz's very favorite toys, and a typed Cruz Instruction Manual.  I haven't even begun to pack my own bags...

Although I know I will miss my little man to pieces, I'm excited for a getaway with Beau.  I'm excited to explore Cape Cod without a diaper bag, eat at nice restaurants without a container of Puffs in my purse, and maybe even sleep past seven.  I'm so fortunate we have the chance to see what is sure to be an incredible wedding, and so fortunate to have parents willing and so excited to take care of Cruz for a few days.  While I'm sure I'll be more than ready to get home to him on Sunday, I know things like this are good...for all of us.     


Please be good for Grandma and Grandpa.  Show them how good you are at sleeping.  Please don't start crawling until we get back.  Remember, Grandpa can't hold you on his shoulders as long as your dad can.  Go easy on him.  Be good in church on Sunday because Grandma is really excited to take you.  I love you and will bring you something cool.  Maybe a sailboat.  Or a lobster.   

And most of all, don't forget about me.    

Love you to pieces,


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