Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Trip to the Cape...The Prologue

*this excerpt was written at approximately 6:00 pm, one hour before our flight was 'supposed' to board.  This flight, which was supposed to take off at 11:30 am, delayed four different times throughout the day.  After an extremely trying experience dealing with stand-by seating for another flight, we were the last two people to board a flight that wasn't our original one...without our luggage of course.  When we pulled into Minneapolis, it was 9:30, TEN HOURS after our original flight was supposed to jet.  And our luggage, which was on the flight we were supposed to be on, didn't end up leaving until 10:00!  We arrived at my parents' at 1:00 am, and I was there to greet my boy when he woke up.  I'm polishing my ruby red slippers today, let me tell you!  There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! 

Here we sit in the far corner of Boston’s Logan International Airport. Right now, we are occupying four seats and six plug-in outlets. Beau’s Nook is near dead, my cell phone is almost out of juice, and my MacBook is ready to go to sleep. So are we. Unfortunately, there isn’t a plug-in center for humans. I’ve had a test of my patience today thanks to a ‘mechanical issue’ with our plane, scheduled to leave Boston this morning at 11:30. We were here prompt and ready to get home to see our boy. Eight hours later, we’re here, waiting for the ‘issue’ to be resolved. Since this is the first major flight issue I’ve encountered, I learned very quickly what it means to feel stranded at the airport. Thankfully, we had each other, our Delta friend, Robert, who cared enough to attempt to find this desperate mama a way home, and a $6 voucher for food at one of the airport restaurants. Robert kindly found us one first class opening for an earlier flight, but, because we vowed to stay together for better, for worse, we kindly declined and instead, booked a 6:15 AM flight just ‘in case.’ I finally learned what it means to wait on ‘stand by,’ learned the patience of really waiting in line, and learned just how quickly a large airport can seem like it’s caving in on you. If this was last year, Beau and I would have said screw it, let’s get a hotel room, catch a Red Sox game, and see the city, but this year, we had a baby to get back to. A baby we were missing like crazy.

Aside from the WORST AIRPORT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE, our trip to the Cape was amazing. I had real seafood for the first time in my life, felt like I was in the middle of a movie set on the harbor of Cape Cod, and attended my first beach wedding. We met some great people, danced until our feet hurt, and shopped ‘til we dropped. Beau and I reconnected as a couple, whether it was dancing and singing to ‘Midnight Train to Georgia,’ or sharing a quick hug as we climbed the airport escalator for the twentieth time. It was a good bonding experience…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s just say Delta Airlines is getting an earful from me later today ☺

Stay tuned for a storybook of pictures of our trip. I took lots! 

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