Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet 16 Months

My sweetheart is sixteen months today, one third of the way through this second year.  To put that down on paper is a little nauseating for me---all too soon I'll be in my forties, still attempting to keep this blog alive, writing about you at sixteen - and cars and girls and college and ultimately having to let go of the little blond toe head who made me a mama.  How can something be so exciting, yet so depressing at the same time?  Some days, I study the sixteen year old boys who fill the seats of my classroom and I wonder who you'll be at sixteen.  Will you stick to sports, or find your place on the stage (your dad did play the role of Sonny in Grease)?  Will you be funny and laid-back like your dad, or an over-achiever like your mom?  Will you like to read (I hope so) and write (I hope so), and work hard at school, or will you get kicked out of student council for getting caught smoking (again, your dad).  All in all, when I picture the young man you'll become, I just hope you're happy.  And that you're not ashamed of your mom in public and that you talk in class.  

And if sixteen month could tell us anything about sixteen years...

1.  You'll like books, however, never finish one.  You'll especially books you can sing to.  And that at bedtime, The Wheels on the Bus is a surefire way to get you asleep.

2.  You'll like girls.  Especially blondes.  Right now, you have your eyes set on a little doll from daycare.  You play a lot together, and are sometimes caught leaning over your crib, waking each other up during nap time.  She's a little older than you, but I have a feeling you can keep up with her.

3.  You'll be a fussy eater, especially when it comes to trying new things.  Your staples are bacon (go figure), pizza, noodles, cheese, yogurt, and FRUIT.  Lately, you've taken to not just dropping your food on the ground, but throwing it across the kitchen.  This makes meal time an interesting, and sometimes frustrating process!

4.  You'll be a sucker for late night TV and game shows.  I haven't determined the similarities between the two, but Jimmy Fallon and Wheel of Fortune are the only shows that catch your attention.

5.  You'll need your sleep.  You've been a rockstar lately, going to bed around 7, and waking up around 7.  
6.  You'll be independent.  You now insist on walking to your room every morning at daycare, and will only hold my hand for a second or two.  You like to turn pages of books yourself, and will most likely eat if you are able to use a fork by yourself.  

7.  You'll have an ear for music and be the life of a dance party.  Music is your thing.  Whether it's American Idol on TV, or the worship band at church, you are awestruck by sound.  I'm impressed by your rhythm and impressed by your killer dance moves.

8.  You'll be messy.  As long as it's in reach, there is no drawer, shelf, or tabletop untouched by our sticky fingered toddler.  The other day, you were walking around the house with a sparkly headband around your neck and pack of panty liners!  The most obscure items have surfaced in the last couple of months - items that, let's just say, were tucked in the very back of dresser drawers for a reason ;)

9.  You'll care about hygiene.  You love your baths and love brushing your teeth.  

10.  You'll be funny.  You already think you're funny and laugh at yourself a lot.  You still love to snuggle, love your blanket, and learned how to go down the stairs backwards.  You torment and tackle your kitty on a daily basis, and practice energy control by insisting on turning the light switch off over and over and over again.  

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Cruz Benny!  Here's to keeping us on our toes now and sixteen years from now!  

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  1. This is adorable, Ashley! What a creative way to "scrapbook" for Cruz!



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