Monday, May 6, 2013

Bacon, Gangnam, and Glory Days

"Me had lots of fun."

This was Cruz's reaction as we buckled him in his car seat next to a pillow, a deflated air mattress, and a cooler that once held a cured pork belly.  And although the three of us were pretty exhausted as we climbed in the car to make the trip home from Woodbury on Sunday morning, we left with so many wonderful memories with some of our favorite people.  Memories of meeting babies for the first time and immediately snuggling them as if they were our own, reading books in pajamas after splashing in the tub, and listening to four best friends tell the same stories and laugh at the same jokes they did eight years ago!  

Our weekend with good friends, in numbers.

1370...the number of miles we traveled to get to Kyle and Jen's on Friday night.  Heath and Nicole from Dallas, Jason and Danielle from Des Moines, and us from home.  Eight adults, four kids under the age of three, and one baby boy on the way.     

3...the number of times we saw Landon's rendition of Gangnam Style.  Seriously, this kid's got some moves.

2...the number of Emi squeezes I received.  She totally melted my heart this weekend, especially when I quickly became her girl pal Friday night.

2...the number of pounds of bacon Beau cured, smoked, and forced us to all eat at 1:00 in the morning; that is, before he put the rest in his pocket.

4...the number of pizzas that were delivered Friday night.  

3...the number of air mattresses blown up and slept on (as well as a crib, pack n' play, and two beds).

30...the number of toes that received an overdue pedicure while the kids napped. 

42...the number of Ron Swanson references I heard throughout the weekend.

28...the number of books read to littles.

4...the number of maracas Jen found for an impromptu (and awesome) Cinco de Mayo party.

12...the number of times Cruz climbed up the cliff and slid down the tube slide at the indoor playground we visited on Saturday.

16...the number of attempts it took before we gave up on a group picture (thanks, Mel!)

I think when we made these plans to get together at the beginning of May, we had visions of grill outs, playgrounds, and outdoor excursions with the kids.  We would have never guessed that the first weekend in May would bring snow on the ground for most of Iowa and Minnesota.  Our plans for sun were soon replaced with a house full of people who hadn't all been in a room together since one of our weddings.  Jen once again had everything planned to a tee --- from the strawberry shortcake and baby shower for Jason and Danielle, to the cute disposable cups for the kids, and the taco bar, inflatable cacti, and margaritas on Saturday.  It was fun to just share the simple routines of family together.  From watching Cruz and Landon giggle and splash in the tub Saturday night, to watching four littles having the time of their life jumping on an air mattress, it was special to share a house with these people for a weekend, and relive those college days in Apartment 504.  

Only this time, with a lot more sippy cups and diaper changes.


More pictures to come!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Such cute pictures of the kids! They are adorable!! So nice you could all get together. I love your sweater.:)



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