Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More pictures from our weekend...

Some of my favorites from our weekend at Kyle and Jen's...

I'd say we did pretty good getting four kids under the age of three to cooperate for a picture or two...especially with an indoor playground on the opposite side of the room!

This is what four kids up way past their bedtime the night before looks like.  Fast forward thirty years, and their daddies didn't look a whole lot different Saturday morning!

Landon introduced Cruz to Happy Feet this weekend. 

Jason was the first to take over book duty on Friday.  He had lots of practice for his own little boy who will be here in July.  And although we decided he has some work to do on the tune of 'The Wheels on the Bus,' he's gonna make one great daddy. 

These two made quite the connection this weekend.  I think Emi stole Cruz's heart, along with everyone else this weekend.   

Mallory didn't feel the best, but was such a little trooper.  And she's got the kind of smile that makes you smile back.  You know, the best kind.

And then there's this boy.  Landon is almost exactly a year younger than Cruz, and it was fun to relive how much fun they are at 18 months.  And between those lips, those cheeks, and those sweet Gangnam style moves, I could eat him up.   

Moments before the kids started melting on Saturday afternoon, Jen saved the day with a couple of sombreros, maracas, and margaritas.  We played some mariachi music, took turns dancing with the kiddos, and soon, we were all ready to party again.  

It wouldn't be a trip to Kyle and Jen's without some tub time for the boys!  Last time, Landon wouldn't take his eyes off Cruz and was totally mesmerized by him.  This time, however, I think Cruz was mesmerized with Landon's bubble blowing skills and splash distance.  

Love this one.

Bedtime stories, lullabies, a room full of freshly bathed and lotioned babies - one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

Homeward bound!  Cruz telling Grandma about all his adventures with his new friends.

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