Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mid-Week Musings

Prologue: I wrote this earlier this week.  If you're from Iowa, you'll understand why I say this in a second.  As my husband put it tonight, "Monday we had hail, Tuesday I mowed the lawn, Thursday it snowed four inches" --- makes sense.

Feeling Thankful For: this gorgeous weather.  I had forgotten how peaceful it is at night with the windows open.  We're in for another cold spell the rest of the week, so we made sure to make it count tonight.  We had pizza at the park by our house, Domino's on our favorite quilt, and chased Cruz around the slides until he grew thirsty and tired.  Then, we walked.  First around the neighborhood in his stroller, listening to the sounds of the track meet at the nearby stadium, watching Cruz munch on a piece of pizza because he was too busy to eat at the park.  Then, we got home and went for another walk, this time pulling Cruz in the wagon.  We made it almost home before he decided to get out and demanded that Beau and I sit in the wagon.  I'm sure we looked awfully silly to the neighbors!

Helping another little boy up the ladder.  Teamwork!

Eating: it's officially grilling season and my charcoal loving husband is back in his element.  We've had pork chops and brats, burgers and fajitas, and Cruz has had his fair share of hot dogs the last couple of days.  Soon, we'll put some veggies in the ground and add fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cukes to our plates.  I have big plans to find my inner green thumb this summer.
Watching: The Following's first season ended last night.  I was once again on pins and needles during the entire episode and reminded that anything is possible on shows like this.  I was not expecting one of the lead characters to die, but then remembered watching every season of 24, just waiting for Jack Bauer to die because they always pulled surprises like that.  I was halfway glad it was over because the show is disturbing, yet already anxious to know when Season 2 will begin.
Reading:  Still reading The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman.  I'm over halfway through and still impressed with Stedman's renaissance writing style.  I'm not sure how the book will end, but have this feeling it's going to make me cry.     

Looking forward to: This weekend, three of Beau's closest friends from college, their wives, and their babies are getting together and camping out at Kyle and Jen's house near Minneapolis.  Four former college boys, now daddies, spending the first weekend together since we all grew up and became parents.  This doesn't happen often enough, and we are all giddy thinking about being in the same place for a couple of days, without a wedding to attend, just watching our kids play, watching our husbands tell the same jokes they did eight years ago, and just being together.      

Loving: I love that finals' week is next week.  I love how much cleaner Cruz seems following his bath after we've been outside all night, and how cute he looks in his pajama shorts and bare feet.  I love typing with the windows open, my mint green nail polish, and my nails, long enough to paint.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, the blossoms on the trees, and watching Cruz discover new parts of the playground.  I love that we've made it to May and love all we have to look forward to this great month. 

He loves watching the neighbor boys play basketball.  He sits there like a spectator and even cheers them on sometimes.

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  1. Hi there! Such cute pictures! Cruz has sure grown! It's fun watching how they grow from Summer to Summer. He has gotten stronger & is such a good climber! Hoping this May snow goes away quickly! We had 9 inches here over the last two days. So crazy!! Have a great weekend! Love you..



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