Monday, May 13, 2013

This Mother's Day weekend...

...started with our annual tradition of greenhouse hunting in farm country.  Cruz and I picked up Mom early Friday morning and spent the day searching for pretty flowers and hearty vegetables for the garden.  This was the third year Mr. Cruz came along and every year he brings a new version of his growing self.  This year, he completely absorbed his surroundings, pushing the cart of flowers down the narrow aisles, greeting the chickens, goats, and cows, and attempting to drink water from the fountain!  He looked like a farm boy and did a wonderful job entertaining himself and the rest of the shoppers.  Afterwards, we scored some drive-thru food and had a little picnic by the river under the weeping willow trees.  Oh, and Captain Cruz had a run in with a gigantic garter snake.  As Cruz put it, "he tried to eat my stick!"

...Beau and I scored a date night, complete with martinis and sushi at Soho, a purse full of hot tamales and milk duds, and our first official summer bucket list item, The Great Gatsby on the big screen.  The movie was just as I expected - a lively, colorful Luhrman-inspired adaptation with Jay-Z music, amazing visual effects, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio.  Although I was slightly disappointed with Tobey Maquire's version of Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan's version of Daisy made up for it.  I got a little tipsy, used the word splendid more than all my years put together, and begged Beau to take me to New York City before we're too old to enjoy it. 

...we made pancakes with bananas and blueberries and ate breakfast with the sun seeping through the kitchen.


...Cruz pooped in the bathtub.  While Beau built this mama just one more garden bed to complete our own produce farm, I nestled in the bathroom for a Saturday morning of suds and Johnson' bath wash with my boy.  And what I thought was definitely the better end of the deal, I soon wished I was Beau digging dirt instead of me digging poo out of the bathtub.  And for those of you who can relate to this disgusting situation know that quite the process unfolds following this unfortunate incident.  First - remove all contaminated contents (toys, cups, children, etc.) from the tub; Second - Think happy thoughts and remove source of contamination; Third - Bleach everything but baby; Fourth - rinse and remove bleach; and lastly - begin all over again.  I managed to laugh my way through most of this, especially after seeing my obliviously content child playing racecars butt-naked in his room awaiting round two.  

...I rocked Cruz to sleep, finished my book, and laid next to him for two and a half hours on Saturday while he slept.  I smelled the top of his head, counted his eyelashes, and studied his nose as he slept next to me in our unmade bed.  While I had originally promised myself a Target run during nap time, I abandoned my plans and did nothing but finish a book and watch my baby sleep all afternoon.  It was a perfect opportunity to reflect on what it means to be his mama.


...We had a little fiesta in the kitchen.  I did score my trip to Target and came home with all the fixings for margaritas, tacos, and fresh guacamole.  We made a batch of my favorite margaritas, ate way too many chips and guac, and let Cruz join in on the fun with his very own wine glass of apple juice and a lime wedge.  We did lots of cheersin' and even some dancin' and had a fun little impromptu celebration of summer and moms and of course, tacos. 

...Beau surprised me with eggs and bacon for breakfast, tickets to see The Lumineers in Minneapolis at the end of the month, and a gurgle pot of tulips on the table when we returned home from church.  I kept asking Cruz if it was Mom's Day and he kept replying with, "No, it's BOY'S day."  He's been very into this "I'm a boy" thing lately, but did butter me up a few times, once touching my hair while I changed his diaper saying, "your hair's really nice" (in his best Borat voice), and another time yanking my brown maxi skirt and saying, "ooh, it's pretty."  I have a feeling I know where his charm comes from...:)

...We discovered the Katoski Greenbelt and the BLUEBELLS!  Never have I seen anything like this place.  The secluded trails, the quiet current of the creek beside us, and the endless fields of purple flowers were like something out of a Thoreau book.  This place and our afternoon deserves its own post, but for now, a few pictures from our bear hunt.

...We ended the day at Seerley Park with my family, followed by pizza around a big table at Tony's on the parkade.  My family around a big square table, sharing pizza and stories and babies, was the perfect way to end our weekend.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend and experienced more fields of bluebells than bathtubs of poo.       


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  1. LOL about the bathtub of poo! I've totally been there! It looks like your weekend was otherwise full of fun!



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