Thursday, January 2, 2014

38 Weeks

Crazy to think we have come this far and only have a couple more posts to write before we welcome a baby around here!  We are spending our last couple of weeks soaking up time with Cruz and getting our house prepared to hibernate for awhile.  It's been a wonderful mix of relaxing and reorganizing and Beau and I have been deliberate about soaking up this break with Cruz.  We've found ourselves piled in our bed together quite frequently throughout the day, usually starting with cuddles and ending with tickles.  I'm sure it's normal to ache just a little when I think of having to balance time between two littles, and I pray God's given me enough love to give to both of them.  And sleep, too, because Lord knows we'll be needing that in a few weeks. :)

Me at 38 weeks...

Minion Tim at 2 weeks... (Beau was killing time while I was changing shirts)

And a packed hospital bag, full of fuzzy hats, booties, and tiny little sleepers.  



  1. I had the same small ache when Brandon was about to be born. I enjoyed that time with just Jaden so much and had small seeds of fear were planted in my mind that I wouldn't have enough love and time to spread around to both child equally. It's amazing how God works within us though... you don't have to divide your love and time, but your heart actually multiplies and you end up loving them both that much more. There is nothing like watching a relationship develop between siblings. Having two is so much fun... you will be fine!

  2. Oh look at all those precious little girl things! Nicole is exactly right, Ash! Your heart & your love will just get bigger for this baby girl and any other babies that may come. It will be amazing to watch Cruz with his little sister and watch that relationship grow...Just like Nicole said!! I love you & miss you!!



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